Les ParrottAIRED:  November 5, 2012– 11 am PST



TITLE: “You’re Stronger Than You Think”

SPECIAL GUEST:  Les Parrott, Ph.D.

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Allen and Dr. Melody are joined by  psychologist Dr. Les Parrott, Author of You’re Stronger Than You Think, who believes everyone can access the power to do what they feel they can’t. With practical insights and hard-earned wisdom, he explains that by changing how one thinks, understanding what one feels, and using the power that lies untapped deep in one’s soul, they can summon strength they didn’t know they had—strength that ultimately comes from God.

The secret to tapping into inner strength is not about positive thinking or pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Instead, it’s about leveraging your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses to reveal a surprising inner-power that God has placed deep in your heart. Using a counterintuitive approach to overcoming hardship, You’re Stronger Than You Think will help you find the unexpected power you need to pass through both the everyday and extraordinary tests of life.

Les Parrott, PhD, is a New York Times number one bestselling author. He is cofounder, with his wife, Leslie, of the Center for Relationship Development on the campus of Seattle Pacific University. He is the author of such books as High–Maintenance Relationships, Love Talk (with Leslie Parrott), 3 Seconds, The Hour that Matters Most (with Leslie) and the award–winning Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (with Leslie). Dr. Parrott is a sought–after speaker and holds relationship seminars across North America. He has been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. His many television appearances include The View, The O’Reilly Factor, CNN, Good Morning America, and The Oprah Show. Les lives in Seattle with his wife and two sons. To learn more, please visit www.LesandLeslie.com.
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