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Shayne GallagherBy Saleem Rana

Interview by Dr. Melody Foxx
November 5, 2012

Dr. Melody Foxx interviewed two guests on L.A. Talk Radio.  Allen Cardoza, a licensed private investigator, the host of the show could not attend because he was assisting a client with rescuing a teenager in a crisis situation.  The first guest on the weekly Answers for the Family radio show was psychologist Dr Les Parrott to discuss his latest book, “You’re Stronger than You Think.”  He was followed by Shane Gallagher, one of the nation’s leading wilderness therapy experts from Wingate Wilderness Therapy, Utah, who was invited to describe the transformational nature of Wilderness Therapy for at-risk youth.

Dr. Les Parrott

A  New York Times number one bestselling author, Les is cofounder, with his wife, Leslie, of the Center for Relationship Development on the campus of Seattle Pacific University.  He is an author and speaker who has been interviewed on The Oprah Show, Good Morning America, and CNN.  He lives in Seattle with his wife and two sons.

Les explained that he wrote his book to help people stop deferring their hopes into the indefinite future.  They were indeed stronger than they thought and did not need to wait for the right time before they really started to live a fuller life.  He suggested a threefold way to discover the power within: discovering the power of the mind, discovering the power of the heart, and discovering the power of the soul. During the course of the interview, he described exactly how to tap into these powers.

Shayne Gallagher

Shayne is the executive director of the WinGate & WayPoints Therapy Programs, and for the past 22 years, he has been working with students and families in providing a wilderness experience that heals young adults and families.

He talked about the dynamics of how Wilderness Therapy is designed to help adolescents who are struggling find their way. The entire process creates a positive and supportive environment for personal transformation. This type of therapy is highly effective because the power of nature lowers oppositional resistance to change.  Additionally, without daily distractions the wilderness has a greater impact and offers a greater chance for long term change.

To hear more about discovering your inner strength or exactly why Wilderness Therapy is so effective, listen to this interview in its entirety by going to:


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