Shayne GallagherAIRED:  November 5, 2012– 11:30 am PST


TITLE: “Wingate Wilderness Program – Teens and Self-Esteem”

SPECIAL GUEST:  Shayne Gallagher, Executive Director – Wingate & Waypoints Wilderness Therapy Programs

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Kids who come in the door of Wingate & Waypoints Wilderness Therapy Programs often see themselves as broken, worthless, directionless, disconnected, unloving and unworthy of true respect and love.  Allen and Dr. Melody explore with Shayne Gallagher that although this is how they feel, they often act as though they do not care what others, especially their parents.

Youth who present anger, bullying or entitlement, typically experience deep insecurity and are in a state of what we term being “outside-of-oneself”. They’re acting out is connected directly to who they think they are, their self-worth, and their contribution in life.

At Wingate and Waypoints, our goal is to help kids to increase their self-esteem, to being “inside-of-oneself” which leads to a healthy personality, better choices, empathy for others, serving others, forgiving, overcoming, contributing, following one’s sense of right and wrong and being grateful.


With over twenty-two years as either a direct care staff, trainer, program developer, and executive director of wilderness therapy programs for at-risk teens, Shayne Gallagher is on a short list as one of the most experienced individuals in the history of the outdoor behavioral healthcare industry. Shayne has acquired a deep understanding of the innate therapeutic effects of a wilderness experience in the lives of young people, including those effects that contribute to self-esteem in a teen’s life. Shayne and his wife Sheri are the parents of six children, all of which were teenagers at the same time. Shayne is currently Executive Director of WinGate Wilderness Therapy in Kanab Utah.

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