Brian Pace & K. Nathan Ment

AIRED:  October 22, 2012– 11 am PST


TITLE: “Who I Am I? Teenage Identity Crisis”

SPECIAL GUESTS:  Brian Pace, Executive Director & K. Nathan Meng, Primary Therapist

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Allen and Dr. Melody are joined by Brian Pace and K. Nathan Meng to explore the current trends and issues with adolescents as they develop their own personal identities.

The issue of “who I am” is a particularly difficult but very important particularly during adolescence. The combination of physical, cognitive and social changes that occur during that time, topped with new life changing choices, spur what Erikson termed identity crisis. Erikson also identified that identity formation is a critical developmental task for adolescence.

The difficulty is that in this day and age, not only are teens trying to find out who they are, they are also posting it for the world to see and pass judgment. This identity development may include the adoption of a set of values and ideals, a sexual orientation or gender identity, religious beliefs, cultural significance, and a vocational direction. Those with a well-developed identity give on a sense of one’s strengths, weaknesses and an individual uniqueness. Those with a less well-developed identity are not able to define his or her personal strengths and weaknesses, and do not have a well articulated sense of self.


Brian Pace was one of the original contributors to the development and start up of Red Rock Canyon School (1999).  Brian has been the Red Rock Canyon School Executive Director since 2004, leading a powerful team of seasoned professionals in the development of the Care Schools, which include: Red Rock Canyon School, Mount Pleasant Academy, Falcon Ridge Ranch and Lava Heights Academy .  Brian earned a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling, and has built a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the adolescent treatment field.

Joining Brian today is K. NATHAN MENG. He is a primary therapist for the organization and has been on residential treatment stage for just over 5 years. Nathan received his PhD from Brigham Young University and his masters from Seattle Pacific University. His areas of expertise include Couple and Family Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Adolescent and Child Therapy, Substance Addictions and Training and Supervision of Therapists.

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