Aired: December  22, 2008 – 11:00 AM PST

TITLE:  What parents face with their teenagers today

Special Hosts: Rob Spencer, Martial Arts instructor and West Shield Adolescent Transport Supervisor and guest host TJ McCormack, Radio Host, Stand-up Comedian and Actor

Listen in as West Shield’s own Rob Spencer, Martial Arts instructor and adolescent transport supervisor and guest host TJ McCormack discuss what parents face with their teenagers today. This show is helpful, informative, and entertaining!

After a 20 year career as a stand up comedian and actor, T.J. McCormack is ready to be heard around the world on his new LA Talk Radio program, The World of T.J. McCormack.

T.J. McCormack started his career in showbiz while still attending high school in 1986, following his calling as a Stand Up comedian. He spent several years honing his craft while driving a taxi. Eventually he ended up working cruise ships, where he met wife, Andi, who is a singer and dancer from Liverpool, England.

Before long T.J. landed in Los Angeles, and found success quite quickly. Within a few months he was touring the country, and working Las Vegas performing with Celine Dion, The Beach Boys, Paul Anka among others. T.J. hosted the 1999 incarnation of Woodstock, standing on a stage in front of 250,000 people, introducing such acts as Elvis Costello, Kid Rock, Willie Nelson and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. In 2000, he co-starred in a film festival champion “Do it for Uncle Manny” In 2002, he was cast in a Carsey-Werner-Mandabach television pilot for ABC, which alas was not picked up. It’s not if, but when T.J. will become a household name, and he attributes that to the support of his wife and entire family.

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