Davee Chandler, Clinical Director of Sun Hawk Adolescent Center

Davee Chandler, Clinical Director of Sun Hawk Adolescent Center

Aired: December 21, 2009– 11 am PST

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SPECIAL GUEST: Davee Chandler, LCSW, Clinical Director

Allen and Davee Chandler guide listeners through the maze of substance abuse recovery, while helping teens rediscover what is most important to them.

They will also discuss Davee’s position with BACA (Bikers against Child Abuse) and what BACA is doing around the world to empower children who have been victims of child abuse.


Located in St. George, Utah, SunHawk Adolescent Recovery Center is a licensed Substance Abuse/Residential Treatment center for teens ages 13-17.  The center’s advances clinical intervention program includes individual and group therapy, accredited academics, and family development workshops to help teens on their journey of recovery and rediscovery.

Their comprehensive adolescent substance abuse treatment program is grounded in the Twelve Step philosophy and encourages community service, family involvement, and parental support throughout the process. Our staff of teen substance abuse experts provides the necessary education, structure, and support to help students achieve and sustain sobriety

WHY SUNHAWKPhilosophy. SunHawk Adolescent Recovery Center was established to offer quality treatment to adolescents experiencing emotional and alcohol or drug related problems. Our goal is to provide adolescents and their families with the tools and knowledge to live an addiction-free, happy, healthy life.

The Twelve Step philosophy is the foundation of our adolescent substance abuse treatment program. The Twelve Steps is a program of living for anyone who has addictive and compulsive problems and behaviors, or who has been affected by the addictive behaviors of others.

Value. At SunHawk Adolescent Recovery Center, value and affordability are matched only by our quality of care. Teens receive comprehensive long-term drug rehab, along with a fully accredited academic curriculum, life skills training, parent workshops, and intensive therapy for about the same cost as a 30- to 45-day primary drug rehab.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment. Although drug or alcohol abuse can start out as a symptom of an underlying problem, it quickly becomes a problem in itself. We believe that an adolescent’s substance abuse problem must be addressed as a problem in itself. Simultaneously, our highly skilled clinical team, made up of master’s level therapists, a psychiatrist, and licensed substance abuse counselors, has the clinical expertise necessary to address any co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and family conflict that contributed to the teen’s substance abuse problem.

Life Skills Training. Alcohol and drug use impede the natural process of adolescent development. At SunHawk, we provide training in the fundamental life skills teens need to function effectively in our society, including stress management, coping skills, budgeting, and more.

Positive Peer Environment. Peer pressure is a major influence on adolescents, and may be the cause of some teen drug and alcohol usage. That’s why a positive peer environment that emphasizes accountability and respect is an integral part of the teen substance abuse treatment program at SunHawk. Students further along in their recovery serve as role models for the new students coming in, and the student body serves as a constant source of support and feedback.

Holistic Addiction Treatment. We take a holistic approach to the treatment of adolescent chemical dependency, addressing every area of a student’s life including family, school, health, responsibility, spirituality, relationships, and self-image.

Intensive Individual and Group Therapy. Research shows that group therapy is the most effective way to reach substance abusing teens. At SunHawk, treatment is an individual process that takes place primarily within a group setting. We understand that each student has his/her own struggles and concerns, which can be addressed in individual and family sessions with one of our master’s level therapists. Students also participate in more than 28 hours of group therapy each week.

Structured Daily Schedule. Adolescents thrive when given clearly defined structure, limits, and expectations. We provide each student with a highly structured daily schedule and follow a level system based on clear rules and expectations that are designed to reward responsible adolescent behavior.

Rebuilding Relationships. Forming and maintaining relationships is essential to the therapeutic process. Through group therapy sessions, family workshops, and weekly community service projects, we facilitate the development of healthy relationships between the adolescents, their parents, the staff, and the community.

Relapse Prevention. Since the prevalence of relapse is high among adolescents, special emphasis is placed on developing a relapse prevention plan and aftercare support. The purpose of a relapse prevention plan is to help the student identify triggers and warning signs and have a clearly established plan for managing them.

Family Involvement. Because the entire family is affected by an adolescent’s alcohol and drug use, it is critical that the family be actively involved in the treatment process. At SunHawk, parents are encouraged to participate in special two-day workshops, therapy sessions, and family interactions to help them stay involved in their child’s recovery.

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