Priya Krishna

AIRED:  October 20,  2014– 11 am PST


TITLE:  “Ultimate Dining Hall Hack – Delicious, Nutritious & Ingenious
Making Gourmet Meals out of Boring Cafeteria Food”

SPECIAL GUEST: Priya Krishna

College is often a time when students find their passions in life. Some people discover that they have a head for business, others for foreign languages. Unfortunately, an alarming new study shows that an unexpectedly large number of college students, an estimated 60%, are unable to find or afford nutritious food.

According to Priya Krishna, this does not have to be the case. She explains that while campus food largely has a reputation for being less than stellar, it food often gets a bad rap.

While the rest of her classmates were planning their medical or legal careers, joining the right clubs or playing college sports, Priya Krishna was hanging out in the dining hall, figuring out how to make gourmet treats out of tired old staples.  What she was doing was hacking the dining hall food.  Priya became so adept at personalizing her affordably and nutritious campus meal plans, she wrote a weekly column on the subject for her school newspaper.


Our guest today, Priya Krishna grew up in Dallas, Texas, and is a recent graduate of Dartmouth College, where she became adept at assembling meals from the a la carte items available at the dining hall through a weekly column she wrote for her school newspaper.

Priya contributed to the Small Kitchen College website and wrote a dining column for The Dartmouth. In 2012, she was an intern at the Food Network, where she wrote daily content for the Dish blog and other parts of the website. She works for Lucky Peach, a quarterly journal of food and writing. She lives in New York City.

Upon his incarceration he began a journey of bettering himself. After serving 22 years within the Department of Corrections, the outgoing Governor, Bill Ritter Jr., commuted Sean’s life sentence and he was released from prison.

This former Gang Banger and Lifer is now a Case Manager, Mentor and Certified Fitness Instructor for the Second Chance Center. He is making the most of his second chance while doing his best to show others how to do the same.

Taylor was featured in a documentary called “Lost for Life” that explores whether juveniles who commit murder can be rehabilitated. The film is available on iTunes.

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