Allen Cardoza & Melody Foxx

AIRED: December 20, 2010– 11 am PST

TITLE: “Back by Popular Demand – Turning Families Rightside Up!”

SPECIAL GUEST: Co-Host and Psychologist, Dr. Melody Foxx and

Allen and Dr. Melody Foxx, our co-host, discuss their individual work with stressed-out families who often feel they have nowhere to turn, and who are struggling with poor relationships, conflict and the defiant nature of their troubled teens.

Through Westshield’s intervention services and Dr. Foxx’s professional counseling, many parents are finding the help and and resources they need to turn their families “rightside up!”.


DR. MELODY FOXX:  For Dr. Foxx, teens are a passion, as she feels that they are in need of the most support as they navigate their way into early adulthood. Her goal is to provide a forum in which they are able to discuss any subject with an emphasis in learning healthier ways to live their lives and create the life they ultimately wish for themselves.  This often begins in the beginning with learning how to identify their true feelings and connect them with increased control on choosing to react or not react to a feeling, situation or another person.  Dr. Foxx also tries to help them find their talents, abilities, sense of self, and create personal goals for themselves.

WESTSHIELD: West Shield agents come from a variety of backgrounds, including counseling and social work, previous experience working at emotional growth schools and programs, private investigations and government positions associated with troubled youth. Extensive background checks are performed on all prospective employees at the time of interview. Following that process, all personnel undergo a specialized training program that includes certification in a nationally accredited non-violent crisis intervention program. Agents initially work as back-ups, assisting and observing on many cases while developing skills necessary to ascend to the level of lead agent.

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