Rohin Ross & Aaron BernardAIRED:  December 16, 2013– 11 am PST

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TITLE: “Trouble-Shooting Your Child’s Launch into Adulthood”

SPECIAL GUEST: Rohini Ross & Aaron Bernard

What does “failure to launch” really mean and why are we seeing so many teens and young adults struggling with transitioning to adulthood? Rohini Ross and Aaron Bernard describe Vive Family Support Program’s focus on helping teens and young adults with all kinds of transitions, whether they are transitions to adulthood, to college, or transitions home from an out-of-home program.

Vive has helped families with teens and young adults who have trouble with school or work, feel hopeless, have social anxiety or trauma. These kids and families can get through this time and come out stronger on the other side. Rohini Ross and Aaron Bernard join the program to help us all understand one of the most important transitions a person can make; the transition into a healthy and contented adulthood.

ABOUT ROHINI ROSS –  MA, MFT, Executive Dir. of Operations

Rohini Ross is the Executive Director of Operations for Vive Family Support Program. She started working with Vive as a Parent Coach in 2006.  She has a special ability to come alongside parents in a spirit of deep compassion and practical support. Rohini currently serves as a clinical supervisor and oversees the operations of Vive. She has a degree in Counseling Psychology with a Certificate in Consciousness Health and Healing from the University of Santa Monica. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California.

ABOUT AARON BERNARD – MA Therapeutic Mentor

Aaron Bernard is a Therapeutic Mentor for Vive Family Support Program and is a Masters Level Mental Health Clinician. He has been with at Vive for four years. He is truly passionate about helping his mentees, who are males ranging from ages 12 – 25, reach their various therapeutic goals. Some of the areas he especially likes to work on with his mentees are: sobriety, assertive communication, time management, repairing relationship with family members and friends, building and forming healthy new relationships, employment, social skills, dating, developmental and psychological issues. His therapeutic approach is based on establishing a genuine, safe and trusting relationship with his clients. This allows his mentees to feel comfortable in expressing their thoughts, ideas and feelings, without fear of judgment.

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