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TITLE: “Think Yourself Young” – Fundamental Truths About Postponing Aging”

SPECIAL GUEST: Peter Baksa, Author of “Think Yourself Young” and “The Point of Power”

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Abandon your “misperceptions of Life”, is the theme Peter Baksa believes will help you summon up the courage to face Life’s simple fundamental truths. Baksa, Allen and Dr. Melody explore how this premise can lead to a more youthful joyous life by simply making the right physical, mental, and dietary changes to your current lifestyle. It is said that death and aging are inevitable parts of life, but is this the whole truth? Can life be greatly extended, aging postponed? If belief in a thing makes it so, then there is a way out of the cycle of aging and death.

Peter spent time in Beijing China at the Lama Temple living among Tibetan monks. He sought to gain insight into their secret recipe for making time stand still—and living a robust life well past 120 years of age. In Think Yourself Young, Peter shares the reason their practices are effective. The rituals train the brain to go into a specific wave pattern, which Peter calls the “The Faith Wave.” Their diet and way of eating enhance their Spirit connections and Mind influences.

This author / entrepreneur started his first company while a freshmen in college to fund his tuition. Using techniques he cites in his book “The Point of Power”, Peter built this tiny company into a multimillion-dollar concern by his late 20s while obtaining several advanced degrees from the University of Illinois. Since then, he has worked with many charities, is a professional speaker, author, musician, and artist. Peter resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Peter Baksa’s new book should be prerequisite reading for anyone over forty. We have a cultural concept that equates aging and suffering, yet Peter cuts through this self-fulfilling prophecy on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. He presents a road map of how we sabotage ourselves into using advanced age as an excuse for suffering, and then eloquently and instructively provides practical instruction on how to break this cycle. There is no magic bullet for perpetual youth, but there are readily applicable methods to assure a youthful quality of life no matter how old we are. As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with over 20 years of experience, I can attest to Peter Baksa’s wise instruction that is a must read for all who are committed to taking charge of their health.

Dr. Jon Dunn, licensed Naturopathic doctor in California and author of the book The Family Guide to Naturopathic Medicine



Peter Baksa, author of “Think Yourself Young” has pursued academic excellence receiving several advanced degrees from the University of Illinois, followed by post graduate research as a visiting professor/lecturer. Peter has worked with many charities, is a professional speaker, author, musician and artist.  Peter has recently been featured on Breakthrough with Tony Robbins which is carried by The Huffington Post. His first book, The Point of Power has been very well received by the media.

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