Chet SiskAIRED:  March 4, 2013– 11 am PST


TITLE: “THINK THIS, NOT THAT – Empowering the Most Vulnerable in Our Society”


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Think This, Not That, Empowering the Most Vulnerable in Our Society is about the dynamics of change from the inside out. Joining Allen is former advertising company executive and journalist Chet W. Sisk, a man who left what many would consider to be a life of corporate success to spent the last 11 years as a volunteer Life Skills instructor.

10,000 students later he came to the undeniable conclusion that what we call “conventional wisdom” in our society keeps a lot of people in endless cycles of mediocrity and living lifeless, frustration-filled lives. In this book, Chet dismantles many of those sayings (ie: you can’t have everything, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, etc.) and gives them a 21st century update.

Using the backdrop of how the updates worked in the lives of his students, Chet gives clear, straight forward advice, backed with data, on our new collective wisdom and how it will change our lives and our world, for the better as well as open the door to greater possibilities.


Chet W. Sisk is an 11 year Life Coach as well as Leadership Development Specialist to the World Assembly Of Youth. His job is to develop new forms of leadership with youth that incorporate connectedness, sustainability, compassion, insight, vision, personal empowerment and love. He has worked around the world with emerging leaders in South Africa, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Namibia, France, The Sudan, Hungary, Canada and Morrocco.

In Chet’s words: “The best single indicator of great leadership in the new world is measured by our ability to empower the most vulnerable in our society.”  Chet is the author of several books, “Think This, Not That”,  “Seven Steps to Success I Learned from Homeless People”, and “Because You Can”.


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