Dr. Andy Sapp and Dr. Chris McRoberts

AIRED:  November 1, 2010– 11 am PST


TITLE: “Parenting, Tough Choices, Change, Challenge, Hope, and Healing”

SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Andy Sapp and Dr. Chris McRoberts, Co-Founders of the Cherry Gulch Therapeutic Boarding School


Deciding to send a child off to residential treatment is a difficult decision and a huge commitment but for many parents who do they ultimately save their child’s life and help their family heal.  Yet for many of them this difficult decision is made even more difficult by well-intentioned friends and family who have not walked in their shoes and don’t understand how challenging family life has become or how serious the challenges their child is facing are. Just at the time when these parents need the most support they often feel judged and misunderstood.


Nestled in the scenic Treasure Valley, beneath the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, lies a place near Boise, Idaho where the grandeur of Nature joins the brilliance of compassion to create an atmosphere of healing like no other. A pastoral place where troubled teens mend years of heartache. A therapeutic place called Cherry Gulch.

Cherry Gulch is a therapeutic boarding school for boys ages 10 to 14. Our philosophy is that the beauties of nature combined with expert therapy and the satisfaction of a job well done can melt the troubled hearts and soothe the most tender feelings. Our goal is to provide early intervention and prevention to help troubled youth realize their full potential and become well-rounded, pro-social young men. We are a private boarding school that offers highly-trained, compassionate staff in a picturesque environment ideal for treating emotional, social, and behavioral problems.

Cherry Gulch provides:

  • •   Individual, Group, And Family Psychotherapy With Experienced     Doctorate And Master’s Level Therapists
  • •   Individualized Treatment Plans
  • •   Creative Approaches To Empirically-Based Treatments
  • •   Active Experiential Learning And Therapeutics
  • •   Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
  • •   Individualized Academic Plans
  • •   A Wide Variety Of Activities And Learning Experiences
  • •   Family Involvement And A Strong Parenting Program
  • •   Highly Skilled And Compassionate Staff
  • •   High Staff-To-Student Ratio

Located on 220 pristine acres of the American West, Cherry Gulch offers panoramic views of mountains, the Black Canyon Reservoir and the Payette River. Even with our wide-open, country-living atmosphere students are still able to enjoy the cosmopolitan environment of nearby Boise with its many museums and historical landmarks.

Cherry Gulch truly is the ideal combination of a therapeutic boarding school with trained, experienced counselors and the beauties of the Old West. We are happy you and your family have joined us and can’t wait to show you the transformation that only nature can bring.

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