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LIVE: February 26, 2018– 11 am PST

SPECIAL GUEST: Erin Thompson


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 48.6% of teen boys and girls between the ages of 14 & 19 are sexually active. Of that group nearly a quarter have had more than one partner. Many of these young people engage in sexual risk behaviors that can result in unintended health outcomes. For example, among U.S. high school students surveyed in 2015.

  • 41% had ever had sexual intercourse.
  • 30% had had sexual intercourse during the previous 3 months, and, of these
  • 43% did not use a condom the last time they had sex.
  • 14% did not use any method to prevent pregnancy.
  • 21% had drunk alcohol or used drugs before last sexual intercourse.
  • Only 10% of all students have ever been tested for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).*

According the Erin Thomspson, Executive director of The “S” Word Project, pushing the topic into meaningful discussions with teens can only be good because we are absolutely stuck and it is time to shake things up.

It is time to get teens around the world talking about their relationships and sex in a supportive, confidential, non-judgmental environment while developing critical thinking and communications skills that will set them up to win in life.


Erin Thompson, founder of The ‘S’ Word Project, has a passion for teens fulfilling on their dreams and living a life they love. She we nearly derailed from fulling her dreams when she got pregnant and had an abortion at 17 years old and does not want other teens to go through things like that alone like she did.

Erin was able to overcome previous mistakes with the support of her family and God’s provision and now has a Juris Doctorate from The John Marshall Law School and a B.A. in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management from Columbia College Chicago.

Erin an experienced Operations Manager, Business Developer and Small Business Consultant. She is currently the Special Project Manager for the Inner City Law Center in Los Angeles.  She enjoys song writing, staying active and spending quality time with friends and family.

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