Naomi Rchards, The Kids CoachAIRED: October 31, 2016– 11 am



TITLE: ““The Parents Toolkit” Recently Acquired a Sibling, “Being Me (And Loving It)”

SPECIAL GUEST: Naomi Richards

Written for parents to help their children successfully navigate childhood problems, The Parent’s Toolkit, is a foremost resource for helping kids grow up into happy, confident and resilient young adults.

The Parent’s Toolkit is aimed at parents with children aged 6+ and is divided into the most important areas of a child’s life such as friendships, sibling relationships, secondary school transition, self-esteem, confidence etc. It is packed with real-life case studies taken from my coaching sessions and provides tools to help parents initiate conversation with their children and address any worries or issues that their child may be struggling with. It is packed with heaps of creative ideas for parents to help their children solve their problems and is written in a very down to earth way.

Naomi’s latest book, Being Me (And Loving It) – co-written with Julia Hague – is a wonderful complement to The Parent’s Took Kit. Being Me (And Loving It) is a collection of 29 real life and relatable stories that can be used as part of the PSHE programme in schools or used by parents with their children at home.

It is a unique and unusual book that has been written to help build self-esteem, body confidence and resilience in children aged 5-11. It also helps children with friendship issues, social media understanding, peer pressure, puberty and body image.


First a life coach for children working in the UK, Naomi Richards has been coaching since 2004. After starting a family, she wanted a change in career. Passionate about children, their growth, emotions and life skills she re-trained to be a life coach for kids, what she proclaims is the perfect job for her. User her strong creative and problem-solving skills and her innate ability to connect and work with a child quickly, she is has making a significant in the youth she works with.

Naomi works face-to-face and does Skype coaching internationally as a Life Coach for Children. She also runs tailor-made workshops for kids in schools and regularly add her thoughts on the world of children and parenting in the press and on Sky News. She is a popular motivational speaker for children and author of The Parent’s Toolkit, published by Random House and Being Me (And Loving It) published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing. In 2013 she entered into the realm of conferences and now run regular ‘BE’ conferences for girls aged 11-13 years and in 2015 she launched several products to help families, parents and children.

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