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TITLE: “The Communication Cure – Meaningful Talk Made Easy”

SPECIAL GUEST:  Keith Dorscht

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Sharing, listening and talking are all part of how we communicate. Joining Allen and Melody, Keith Dorscht, founder of the The Communication Cure, explains to our listeners how the quality of our communication determines our level of connection with one another.  Without good connections life becomes lonely, difficult and empty.  The Communication Cure is devoted to helping you experience satisfying and meaningful connections starting with the way you talk.

We will help you successfully:

  • Reopen and strengthen lines of communication.
  • Listen and respond lovingly to the needs of others.
  • Talk through critical and sometimes challenging issues.
  • Reduce the influence of fear, rejection and hurt in your relationships, and
  • Improve your ability to manage stress with flexibility and insight.

The Communication Cure, by providing a therapeutic communication experience in your own home, will become immediately effective. There is no book, complicated teaching or “How To” program.  The Communication Cure is an easy-to-use interactive resource that simply leads you through complete conversations on relevant topics with the people that matter most to you.

Restore communication. Prevent future crises. Develop strong relational bonds and enjoy your life connected with the ones you love.  If there’s communication trouble in your life, whether it’s in your marriage, family, or faith we invite you to put The Communication Cure to use.

Meaningful Talk…Made Easy.


Keith Dorscht is the Founder and President of Live Fully Engaged Ministries, an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, high impact organization. Primary activities include repairing, supporting and strengthening relationships with a special focus on staff and  volunteers working in the non-profit sector.

For 12 years Keith Dorscht has combined effective methods a balanced approach and proven expertise to reconcile, repair and restore marriages and families. Keith has developed unique methods that quickly identify root problems, their cause and the solutions. He has applied these methods during 350+ private 15 hour intensives with couples and 12,000 hours of individual support. Keith’s ongoing work in the ‘trenches’ keeps his speaking and resources practical, effective and fresh.

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