Ron and Julie Odato

AIRED:  October 8, 2012– 11 am PST

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TITLE: “The Birchcreek Secret to Total Health”

SPECIAL GUEST:  Ron and Julie Odato

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Allen, Dr. Melody are joined by Ron and Julie Odato from their wonderful report in Costa Rico to discuss their new book THE BIRCHCREEK SECRET TO TOTAL HEALTH.

In a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey researchers discovered that about 34 percent of adult in the United States–approximately 73 million–are obese. Experts agree that obesity is reaching epic proportions and even has become a national security threat. Ron and Julie Odato, founders of Birchcreek Retreat Weight Loss and Wellness Center, seek to reverse this epidemic for the nation and for healthy lives with their new book, The Birchcreek Secret to Total Health.

Ron and Julie Odato have dramatically improved the lives of thousands through their well-designed and well-tested program. The Birchcreek Secret to Total Health contains testimonials from people who have lost weight with the help from the Birchcreek Retreat. This book also includes a recipe section containing many of the foods used in the program.

“Commercials and advertisements promise us all the results and all the satisfaction from all the products they are trying to sell,” Odato writes. “The result is distraction and confusion. We experiment with these products because we don’t know what is really true. We are confused because perhaps we have never heard the truth. Nothing really sounds right, so we grasp at anything, hoping that it may be the true solution.”

THE BIRCHCREEK SECRET TO TOTAL HEALTH will enable readers to never weigh food or count calories and carbohydrates again, to eat food and feel complete, and to eliminate cravings, bingeing, and that ferocious sweet tooth.

“Many people come to us with serious disorders,” says Odato. “Many come just because they want to lose stubborn weight. Everyone goes away excited and vastly improved! Why? At Birchcreek they experienced something they didn’t anticipate ever happening. The truth is, we have found the only way to improve health, to sustain a healthy weight and vitality, to roll years off your appearance, and to add years to life.”


Ron and Julie Odato, founders of Birchcreek Retreat Weight Loss and Wellness Center, have dramatically improved not only their own lives but also the lives of thousands of others through this well-designed and well-tested program, enabling thousands of people to enjoy natural healing and restoration. You can join the many people who are finding their way to this remarkably easy approach to rapid weight loss and health restoration.

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