Ron and Julie Odato

By Saleem Rana

Interview by Allen Cardoza
October 8, 2012

Talk show host Allen Cardoza of Answers for the Family on L.A. Talk Radio encouraged Ron and Julie Odato to discuss their new book, “The Birchcreek Secret To Total Health.”  Allen introduced the book as an invaluable contribution to society.  Adding that according to a survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 34 percent of adults in the United States are obese, which translates to about 73 million people, a figure experts agree is reaching epidemic proportions. “Much of what’s in this book is not really a secret… It’s common sense,” stated Cardoza.

Ron and Julie Odato are founders of Birchcreek Retreat Weight Loss and Wellness Center, with retreats in Costa Rica and New York.  Their well-designed program has helped thousands of people return to good health through a diet and exercise program that encourages natural healing, well-being, and rejuvenation.  The retreats are held in beautiful natural settings, where participants can enjoy wooded grounds and running streams.

The Total Health Secrets

Ron’s crusade to advance wellness began after visiting a doctor. Although Ron thought he was reasonably healthy for a man in his fifties, the doctor pointed out that Ron was more than just overweight. He had high blood pressure, dangerous triglyceride levels, and was on his way to diabetes.  Ron solicited the advice of a man who had managed to lose 100 lbs of excess weight.  After eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and exercising regularly, Ron lost 36 pounds and a whole new world opened up for him.  In fact, the doctor did not even recognize him when he went back for a checkup.  “The doctor,” said Ron, “thought my younger, healthier twin had walked into the room.”  That experience helped Ron realize that the standard American diet was actually responsible for compromising the immune system and causing premature aging.  Within 6 months, he resumed former sports activities like skiing.

The Birchcreek Secret To Total Health” reveals the secrets to a return to total health.  The book enables readers to never weigh food or count calories and carbohydrates again, to eat healthy meals and feel nourished, and to eliminate food cravings.   At the Birchcreek wellness retreats, Ron and Julie work with people in small groups to promote weight loss, detoxification, behavior modification, and exercise.  Many people come to the wellness program with serious disorders or because they want to lose stubborn weight. Everyone leaves excited by a new vision of health because of their vast improvement.  Ron and Julie have found the way to improve health, to sustain a healthy weight, to spark up vitality, to roll years off a person’s appearance, and to add years to their life.

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