Britten Devereaux

LIVE: July 24, 2017– 11 am PST

SPECIAL GUEST: Britten Devereux

According to National Alliance on Mental Illness, 70-90% of people who engage care for their mental illness report improvements in quality of life.

Britten Devereux, Chief Clinical Officer at the D’Amore Healthcare, describes to our audience how important it is for an addicted individual and/or their loved ones to step back from common symptoms of anger and fear before making decisions for care.

At D’Amore Healthcare, their highly trained staff recognize that every story is unique. In addition, the prevalence and co-occurrence of substance and process addictions, such as tobacco, illicit drugs, exercise, eating, gambling, internet, alcohol, love, sex, work, shopping deserve more attention than most people want to imagine.

In this not-to-be-missed interview, join us as Devereux shares that although a person’s age, creed, drug or, the combination of substances and behaviors are certainly important factors in designing the treatment protocols, the real key to long-term recovery involves so much more. Bottom line, it is the person’s genuine desire to seek help and willingness to reformulate their lifestyle to include sustained engagement and relationships with sober peers so that the individual can respond to triggers or cravings with uncanny awareness and purposefulness.


Britten brings her knowledge of change management, public policy, and business analytics to healthcare. Committed to lifelong learning, Britten completed a Master’s of Science in Addiction Counseling, then attaining her Licensed Advanced Drug and Alcohol Counselor credential. Britten is certified by the NAADAC as a Master Addiction Counselor and by the Department of Transportation, as a Substance Abuse Professional.

Translating D’Amore, Italian for of love, Britten is passionate to see patients reckon with their dignity and worth. “Healthcare is complicated, requiring several linkages between patient history and patient goals. We keep it personal.” Although she loves her work, she makes time to relax at the yoga or barre studio

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