Larry VargasAIRED: December 26, 2011– 11 am PST

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TITLE: “The Future of Telemental Health, Transforming Psychiatric Healthcare Access”

SPECIAL GUESTS: Larry Vargas, Sales and Marketing Director of the American Telepsychiatrists

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Allen and Dr. Melody Fox discuss with Larry Vargas the future of telemental health and American Telepsychiatrists, a group of independent psychiatrists providing psychiatric services solely through telepsychiatry. They have board certified and licensed psychiatrists with expertise in: Adult, Child/Adolescent, Geriatric, Forensic, Addiction, etc. and they cover outpatient, inpatient or ER needs… with an emphasis on quality and continuity of care. Although they do work with hospitals, regional health centers, correctional facilities and county agencies, their primary focus is to provide psychiatric services to rural and underserved areas.


Our psychiatrists all have years of training and experience (outpatient, inpatient, emergency/crisis) in general adult psychiatry, and many have specialty training in Child/Adolescent, Forensic, Consultation & Liaison, Psychosomatic, and Geriatric psychiatry.

Our main objective is two fold:

  1. To provide psychiatric care to underserved and remote populations via HIPAA compliant, secure teleconferencing equipment and software; and
  2. To greatly enhance CONTINUITY OF CARE for both the patients and the treatment providers (for agencies as a whole and for individual physicians/clinicians)

Telepsychiatry and TeleMental Health Care can serve to meet or enhance patient access to care in any situation where there is a patient with a psychiatric or mental health need and a local psychiatrist is not readily available.  In order to accomplish this, we contract with Public Service (County Mental Health Agencies) and private entities (HMOs, PPOs, Private Insurance Providers) and Individual Patients throughout the U.S. in order to provide the highest quality, evidence-based telepsychiatry services.

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