Al Killeen

LIVE: February 19, 2018– 11 am PST


Al Killeen has spent the last 45 years studying the human condition applied to life, relationships, and business through the perspectives of a broad spectrum of traditions.

Al’s latest book,  Soul Experience: The 4th Level of Identity, is the result of 45 years of inquiry into the human condition; why do we suffer, why am I here, who am I?

The answer that the book provides is paradigm shifting for finding answers to any and all of life questions, by coming at these existential questions from a totally new and unique perspective: Your Identity determines your reactions to life, as well as determines your actual and eventual power as an individual in this world.

If you read and practice this book, your life will be transformed…guaranteed!


45 years integrating empowered approaches to effectiveness in all domains of life, including business, home, families, spirit and health.

He currently coaches 42 top executives in 22 companies on effective leadership, management and coaching strategies and in the top 3% in the world for individual business/life coaches

Al is the Author of “Soul Proprietorship: 8 Critical Steps to Overcoming Problems in Business and Life” and his latest book, Soul Experience: The 4th Level of Identity available at in paperback, audio and e-book formats (coming soon).

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