Dr. Larry Koenig

Dr. Larry Koenig

Aired: November 9, 2009 – 11:00 AM PST

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SPECIAL GUEST: Special Guest :: Larry J. Koenig, Ph.D.

Allen and Dr. Larry Koenig, creator of “Smart Discipline, discuss the 10 most powerful and easy strategies  to stops bad behavior in its tracks and takes a minute or less to get real results and his “Up With Youth Program”, a pioneering organization devoted to the enhancement of self-esteem in young people. Over one hundred thousand kids have benefited from this program over the last fifteen years.

Using The Smart Discipline System you will banish the top 7 misbehaviors that plague parents the most:

  • Disrespectful language—both verbal and non-verbal (If you know what I mean!)
  • Fighting and bickering (the kind that drives you crazy!)
  • Morning and bedtime hassles (I can feel another panic attack coming on!)
  • Homework Hassles (Oh, no, not another night of homework!)
  • Interrupting (Why do they always wait until I’m on the phone?!!)
  • Procrastination (Or should we call it by its proper name: DAWDLING!)
  • Messy Rooms (I don’t just mean messy. I mean really really GROSS!)

Each year Dr. Koenig and his network of speakers present his seminars to over 15,000 parents, grandparents, teachers, therapists and healthcare professionals.

He has lectured in over 1,000 cities on parenting, marriage and personal growth. It is often said at his workshops that he has a delightful ability to talk about exactly what is going on in people’s lives and to give both meaningful and practical advice.

Additionally, Larry is the author of Smart Discipline, published by HarperCollins.  His theories have been featured on PBS, NPR and in Parents Magazine and People Magazine.  He is frequently interviewed on television, radio and by the print media, both newspapers and magazines.

Also, Larry is the author of a number of books including; Happily Married for Life (Cook, 2007) and Smart Discipline for the Classroom, Fourth Edition (Corwin Press, 2008) His lectures are centered on his books and are chocked full of practical information presented in a light and lively manner.

Larry has five children and eight grandchildren. He lives with his wife Nydia in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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