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TITLE: “Shiny Objects: You Can’t Buy Happiness

SPECIAL GUESTS: Dr. James A. Roberts

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Dr. James A. Roberts discuss with Allen and Dr. Melody the cross between In Praise of Slowness and The Tipping Point, consumer behavior. He takes us on a tour of America’s obsession with consumerism—pointing out its symptoms, diagnosing specific problems, and offering a series of groundbreaking solutions.

Roberts offers practical, helpful advice for how to correct the materialistic trends in our lives, trends that lock us into a cycle of stress and financial hardship. A new The Paradox of Choice for the modern reader, Roberts’s Shiny Object is far more than a polemic against spending or a critique of capitalism—it’s an exploration of how we can learn to live happier, fuller, more productive lives today..

About the Author
Dr. James A. Roberts is a well-known author with approximately 75 articles published in academic literature. He is currently a Professor of Marketing and the Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, where he has been a faculty member since 1991. His research regularly appears in many of the top marketing and psychology journals and he has received two “Paper of the Year” awards. Additionally, Dr. Roberts has been recognized for excellence in the classroom where he has taught his brand of marketing and the social ramifications of our consumer culture to thousands of graduate and undergraduate students.

A primary focus of Dr. Roberts’s work over the last 15 years has been the psychology of consumer behavior. He is somewhat of an anomaly among marketing scholars, in that his research is largely focused on the “Dark Side” of consumerism and marketing. Current research efforts focus on the topics of materialism, compulsive buying, credit card abuse, and self-control. His book, Shiny Objects, takes a careful and amusing look at how our love of material possessions impacts our happiness and what we can do to find true happiness in a culture awash in material possession love. Dr. Roberts is a nationally recognized expert on consumer behavior and he has been quoted extensively in the media.


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