Dr. Peter Alsop
AIRED: December 6, 2010– 11 am PST


TITLE: “Share the Music & the Joy! Give the Gift of Insight”

SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Peter Alsop, Educational Psychologist, Speaker, Winner of 8 Best Children’s Album Awards


Allen, Melody and their guest, Dr. Peter Alsop, delve into his award-winning songs that are used daily by thousands of parents, educators and human service professionals to help families discuss sensitive issues such as child abuse, loss & grief and chemical dependency.

Dr. Alsop’s nineteen audio recordings and seven DVDs consistently win “BEST CHILDREN’S” awards from organizations such as Parents’ Choice and the Association For Independent Music.

He has acted on stage and television, directed a feature film, and he performs extensively at conferences, festivals and concerts throughout the United States and Canada as well as hosting annual training workshops at his Otter Space Conference Center in northern California.


Making Safe Places

Dr. Alsop examines how to create emotionally safe places for our children, students, clients, families and ourselves so we can grow and learn from each other.   Using his humorous anecdotes and sing-alongs, he illustrates why awareness of our  feelings is the key. When we ignore or medicate painful feelings, our bodies let us   know. “Burn-out” does not exist for those who know how to take steps to change   difficult situations.

Opening Doors
We can only help others achieve a level of clarity that we have about ourselves.  With commitment to self-growth as our focus, Peter’s delightful stories and humorous sing-alongs weave us through the lessons we learned from our families.  We explore how family roles affect us; how work, sex and humor can act as medicators for pain, and how we can gently open old doors together, and rekindle the joy and playfulness inside each of us.

Filling Our Toolbox:  Making Feelings and Ideas Real
Dr. Alsop demonstrates the powerful technique of “sculpting” with people; a practical experiential techniques that gets people involved.  It helps us “realize” (make real) what’s going on.  He will discuss filling our toolboxes with useful tools such as music, humor, and the arts, and answer questions about why they are important in our own lives, as well as in our work with children and families.

How To Eat An Elephant: A Focus On Process
For teachers, parents and human service professionals, this presentation explores using music and humor for personal and social growth; the importance of self-esteem and process; understanding privilege and living with ambivalence.  We may also learn to play the spoons and use other pocket instruments while we explore using humor and metaphor as effective methods for changing focus and direction.

The Art Of Humoring Parents
Collect valuable family survival tactics we can pass on to our children, instead of the many “uneven parenting techniques” we received.  Peter explores alternatives with insightful sing-alongs, group discussion, tears, laughter and silliness.

Making Your Toolbox A Toybox
Playful sing-alongs, stories and strategies demonstrate how we can use music and laughter to help balance our own lives, and pass these techniques on in our work with children and families.  DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

Family Community Concert
Fun-filled humor and insight for kids AND parents.  Have a good time with songs, ideas and feelings, while singing along to some healthy parenting ideas.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself giggling or humming these songs two weeks later.

Difficult Transitions: Sometimes It Hurts To Be A (Nurse, Teacher, Parent)
Our personal experience with loss and change colors the way we relate to death and dying in our professional life.  This course provides a safe place to explore our thoughts and feelings about grief and loss, and presents opportunities to learn some strategies that can help others.

Turning Problems Into Puzzles
If we can view a difficult situation as a puzzle with a missing piece, rather than seeing it as a problem that keeps us stuck, we remove a major roadblock in our search to find solutions.  Humor and creativity help us gain another perspective, reevaluate our resources, and find the missing pieces of our puzzle.  Peter models this in his sculpting demonstrations and by using humorous sing-alongs to unlock our creative potential.

The Art Of Human Being: Therapeutic Uses Of Music And Humor
Dr. Peter Alsop provides a unique training opportunity for human service providers to learn about the role of humor and music in mental health.  Through insightful sing-alongs and stories, participants experience the therapeutic benefits of being flexible enough to laugh at ourselves and at some of the difficult situations we face.

The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa, And God:

Using Music, Humor & Story To Get Unstuck!
Humans used story, song and dance to find spiritual guidance when they were stuck, long before the first word was written. Our brains are designed to remember stories and make connections. Our beliefs carry great power to shape reality. When all human children feel safe to laugh and sing and tell their stories, our culture will be healed.  Come and begin!

Teaching Between The Lesson Plans
Dr. Alsop models and discusses practical experiential techniques to help clarify the complicated social interactions that come up in classrooms.   Some of the most important learning occurs before and after our lessons.  When students face difficult situations, they draw on what they have seen modeled for them.  Tools such as music, humor and “sculpting” can be used to clarify what is “really going on”, and with them we can model coping with emotionally loaded subjects in ways that can be heard by even the most reticent student.

  • Using Metaphors To Heal: Experiential Therapies
  • Feeling The Family Pulse
  • Out Of Our Pigeon-Holes!
  • Baby Don’t Need No Silver Spoon
  • Teaching Social Skills With Funny Songs
  • Don’t Put Your Hand In My Pants Just Cause We’re In Love
  • Prisoners Of Traditional Sex Roles


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