Leslie GoldbergAIRED:  February 4, 2013– 11 am PST


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TITLE: “Saving Teens – Where Families Turn When They Have Give Up All Hope”

SPECIAL GUEST:  Leslie Goldberg

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Long term therapeutic treatment for teens is extremely expensive and out of the reach of over 98% of the families in the US.  Leslie Goldberg joins Allen to discuss Saving Teens In Crisis Collaborative, an internationally-known non-profit organization that works with health organizations, educational consultants, wilderness programs, boarding schools, rehabilitation centers and educational lawyers to fund and support families with financial limitations.

By leveraging the expertise and generosity of dedicated professionals, caring institutions, other charities, government institutions and altruistic individuals, Saving Teens guides children and their families towards a brighter future as they complete the comprehensive therapeutic programs that they desperately need, but may not be able to afford.


Leslie Goldberg is the founder and President of The Goldberg Center for Educational Planning™. A provider of therapeutic and educational placement advice for over twenty years, Leslie is also a certified guidance counselor, a Certified Educational Planner (CEP), as well as certified to administer and interpret the Wechsler Intelligence Scales and the Stanford-Binet tests.

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