Beth Terry

AIRED: May 8, 2017– 11 am PST


Beth Terry’s book, Raising Resilient Kids, is packed with wonderful insights, practical information, and delightful stories from her 30 years of raising OPK’s – Other People’s Kids.

Like everyone, Beth learned the hard way, only instead of one child at a time, she started with three pre-teens all at once when she was only 33. After that, her involvement at church landed her a handful of god-kids who were hurting and needed her help, one of whom came with a Probation officer! She got those kids squared away, then fell in love with a man who had four little girls under the age of 10. Beth didn’t have nine months to get used to the idea of kids in the home again… she dived right in.

Moms and Dads – this is the advice you wish you had when you started your family. Your kids will benefit, new moms and dads will love the sections on family meetings and chore lists. Blended families will find gold in the advice for Stepparents. If your kids are older, you can still start to implement some of the ideas, including a meeting about a Drivers Contract. This is all about personal development, Self-Respect over Self-Esteem, and ways to strengthen your kids to make life better all around.

It’s loaded with Beth Terry’s unique take on the world. It will help you make it through your day and give you ideas you can share with those you love. A perfect gift for moms, dads, teenagers, newlyweds, new grads away from home for the first time, new parents, blended families and anyone who wants to take the stress out of their lives


Beth Terry, CSP, is a Resilience and Stress Expert, Keynote Speaker, Breakout Session Leader and Author.

She has held Executive positions in corporate America in the Insurance, Retail, and Real Estate industries. Beth has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people in six countries.

Her client list is wide and varied. She’s straight forward (High Impact / Low Maintenance) – and has been in the business world long enough to know that trendy training programs come and go. Practical information sticks and it works.
Beth was a frequent guest columnist for noted publications and hosted the TV talk show, Making Your Life Work: featuring experts in various fields from accounting to construction to HR challenges. She’s the author of four books and is writing several more.

Beth was recently asked by a friend to share what she had learned raising seven stepchildren and a handful of “hanai” kids [pronounced Hah Nye] – which is a Hawaiian form of fostering kids and godkids.

Beth got to work and began compiling all of her notes from her many talks to teachers and parents at her kids schools. As a result, Beth has just published her fifth book, Resilience Not Included: Practical Parenting Tips for Instilling Resilience. Resilience starts in the home and is an inoculation against the craziness in the world. Beth’s handbook will give all who influence and guide our children a blueprint for success

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