Dawn Bauer

AIRED: May 29, 2017– 11 am PST



According to Dawn Bauer, the founder of The Family Hope Line and a Mentor at Pacia Life, 80% of parents/families who learn simple but empowering communication with their young adult child end up with sustainable long-term successful outcomes. The success rate drops to 17% when parents feel the need to enable, “helicopter,” control their young adult child or the program from afar or try and cut the process short before a young adult has shown through his/her actions that they are ready.

According to Dawn, all too often parents are so anxious to reconnect with their young adult child that they unknowingly sabotage the progress. Learning to communicate in a way that honors the everyone involved and empowers them into the life-long parent/adult child partnership is the essential next step.

While the Family Hope Line and Pacia focus their efforts on all areas of one’s life including emotional regulation, mindfulness, physical health, relationships, daily executive functioning, networking, life coaching, spiritual roots, integrity, career development, etc., they also focus on each student being self-reliant–paying their own bills, managing money and being a responsible adult. Going even one step further, they set the stage for students to actively enroll in college classes, secure a job or apprenticeship, being involved in an entrepreneurial project or service project is a major focus and reason for being in the program.


Our guest today, Dawn Bauer, is the founder of The Family Hope Line, is a certified Parent Coach and DISC Certified Behavior Analyst and the Admissions Director and Mentor at Pacia Life.

A family advocate and coach, she offers support and assistance to parents seeking therapeutic solutions for their struggling teen.

Having served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for over 12 years and served as a member of Women of L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P 1st, and is Founding Board Member and camp Co-Director of SeaSide Summer Enrichment Camp which serves at risk adolescents.

Dawn has combined her passion for advocacy and her career goals as to offer guidance to families as they sort through the options available to address the challenges that often arise in teens as the develop emotionally and physically.

Dawn strives to utilize her personal experience and her knowledge gained to offer insight, empathy and solutions for each family she speaks with. She is passionate about helping parents better understand and communicate with their child as they discover the root of their emotional pain and recognize the patterns in their destructive behavior.

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