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TITLE: “Quantum Parenting in a Newtonian World”

SPECIAL GUEST: Al Killeen, Author and Owner/President of Killeen Development Technologies dba Integrative Mastery Programs

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Allen and Dr. Melody are joined by Al Killeen to explore the historic and transformational changes facing families at home, as well as in their communities, nation and the world. Quantum physics and science exploration into the microcosmic world of atomic and subatomic scientific laws has turned many of the Newtonian assumptions of what is “Truth” on its head.

It has been proven that particles are impacted in how they “act” in response to the expectation of the observing scientists. Why does this matter? Well, it implies a true breakthrough: that “Consciousness” impacts material reality which in turn means is that what we think about things, and how we act towards those things, can literally impact those things on an energetic, material level. This is huge! Consciousness then, literally impacts (and maybe even creates) material reality. If this is true, we must ground our thoughts and actions toward one-another with far-greater attention and seriousness if we wish to be effective.

The bottom line is that Quantum Parenting is stewardship of the relationship out of values, spiritual principles and higher consciousness to create the best possible outcomes, rather than ego-based approaches that too-often ignore such intangible and non-mechanistic approaches. In other words… Love (being a value) that is the filter of motivation and action toward children will be far more fulfilling and effective in creating a great relationship than egocentric controls (like Newtonian Parenting may encourage) that tend to create dysfunctional families.



Al has spent the last 35 years studying the human condition applied to life, relationships and business, through the perspectives of a broad spectrum of traditions. His resume includes work history in Pharmaceuticals, Finance and the Mortgage Industry (25 years). He was President of his own mortgage company (10 years), President of the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association (1997-98), Founder/Inaugural President of the Rocky Mountain Mortgage Lenders Association (1997-98; an 8 state mortgage alliance of mortgage associations), and the Ethics Chairman for the CMLA (1995). Al is currently the owner and President of Killeen Development Technologies, dba Personal Mastery Programs/Integrative Mastery Programs. (9 years).

Al has successfully trained integrative Leadership, Management and Coaching skills to hundreds of individuals and organizational executives using the tools and technologies of Integrative Mastery Programs, and consider it to be among the greatest areas of fulfillment and accomplishment in his life.

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