Janet FarnsworthAIRED:  March 18, 2013– 11 am PST



TITLE: “Problems don’t occur in a vacuum, neither do solutions”

SPECIAL GUEST: Janet Farnsworth, Program Director of Alpine Academy

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Allen is joined by Janet Farnsworth, program direction of Alpine Academy, to discuss their unique behavioral treatment system that is provided continuously throughout the day by the residential staff under the supervision of psycho-educational experts.

A highly sophisticated level system and token economy assists the staff can modifying behaviors. It uses a rationales that kids will understand, as well as point to the direct consequences of their behavior.

Teaching interactions, role-plays, and positive correction activities help the student replace inappropriate behavior with socially appropriate behavior. Some of the skills development activities that assist the students in learning social and life skills are:

  1. following instructions and rules,
  2. accepting decisions of others,
  3. accepting feedback,
  4. appropriately disagreeing,
  5. peer relations,
  6. expressing feelings,
  7. recognizing and reducing thinking errors,
  8. rational problem solving,
  9. accepting responsibility for behavior,
  10. positive and effective communication,
  11. empathy for others,
  12. meal planning and preparation,
  13. care of physical and dental health,
  14. appropriate boundaries,
  15. positive attention seeking, and so on.


Since 2003, Janet Farnsworth has been a part of the Alpine Academy team. Initially, she supervised several of the facilities, managing the residential staff and overseeing treatment for the girls. Over the years as Alpine Academy has grown, she has served as the parent liaison, intake coordinator, and as assistant to the program director. She was honored to assume the responsibilities of program director in 2006. In 2011, in the midst of additional program expansion, she was asked to oversee outreach and development, including fundraising for the multi-million dollar fitness and arts center that was completed in 2012.


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