Cynthia Mazzaferro

AIRED: Monday, February 27, 2017– 11 am PST

SPECIAL GUEST: Cynthia Massaferro

Do you feel that you are powerful? That you’re wonderful, loved, valued, and respected?

Statistics show that 99% of the world is unhappy with some aspect of their life.

Did you know that much if not all of our unhappiness is self-created and have roots tied to our youth?

Cindy’s youth like so many was impacted from her parents and circumstances. Every child takes on a perception of “not being enough” regardless of how perfect you think your family dynamics were/are.  Because of theses emotional wounds, negative self-limiting beliefs and behaviors they often become a constant template that we continue to believe and perpetuate in our life.

Our “mind” is happy to remind us of our pains, failures, regrets, and self-realized limitations which often rob us of happiness, belief in one’s self, healthy relationships and boundaries, and even the ability to achieve success in the future. If you’re a parent you bring many of these doubts into your family dynamics and begin to realize that your own children have formed their own negative imprints that they will continue repeat and affect their lives.

Cindy briefly shares her personal story and the impact it had on her as a child and into adulthood, her marriage, and ultimately her health. Every one of us, has something from the past that affects us in the present.

Powerful Beyond Measure is a captivating, empowering guide to personal healing, transformation, and success beyond imagination! Cynthia expertly leads readers to connect the dots from their past and realize the impact they continue to have in the present.

You hold the keys to unlock all that you desire…a more powerful you!


Cynthia Mazzaferro is a powerful transformational speaker in the field of self-development and personal responsibility. She has been teaching and inspiring thousands for over 40 years and has created a best-selling transformational book, Powerful Beyond Measure – 3 Steps to Claim Your Power Within for a Happy and Healthy Life.  She is also a featured author in the best-selling book, Shine Your Light: Powerful Practices for an Extraordinary Life along with other New York Times #1 best-selling authors including Marci Shimoff, Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood and Geoff Affleck.

Mazzaferro is a featured columnist in the E-Magazine Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond founded by Lynnis Woods-Mullins. Cindy’s column, Powerful Beyond Measure: Intuitive and Emotional Fitness Expert allows readers to share their stories, ask for support and identify plausible connections between their physical symptoms, behaviors, and difficulties.

Cindy believes that we significantly impact every part of our being on an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, as well as, what we bring into our lives. What this means is that YOU hold the Power Within to be Powerful Beyond Measure and to create the life you want and were meant to live.

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