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TITLE: “Powerful Beyond Measure: 3 Steps to Claim Your Power Within for a Happy and Healthy Life”

SPECIAL GUEST: Cynthia Mazzaferro

Powerful Beyond Measure, by Cynthia Massaferro, is a transformational guide to living a life of authenticity and abundance that’s deeply rooted in love, acceptance, compassion, and kindness.

Readers learn how to discover and embrace their inner power, release and heal the emotional residue from the past, and envision a future of unbounded possibilities that allows their passions and purpose to be fulfilled.

Through insight, self-exploration, and step-by-step, practical exercises, Powerful Beyond Measure guides readers along a life long the journey to embracing their authentic self, and if fulled with strategies to release fear, eliminate self-limiting beliefs.

In today’s society, our attention is constantly diverted to believing that to achieve happiness, we must work harder on the our physical bodies, acquire more stuff, or act a certain way to conform to the status quo. As a result, never in history have people been so unhappy, addicted, stressed-out, and compelled to spend thousands of dollars on falsely perceived ‘gotta haves’ to feel OK about themselves.

In Powerful Beyond Measure, Massaferro explains why we are so out of balance and provides readers with the ultimate ‘how-to’ E-motional Fitness guide to actually achieve self-expression, truth, self-love, inner-peace, and so much more!


Cynthia Mazzaferro is a powerful transformational speaker in the field of self-development and personal responsibility. She has been teaching and inspiring thousands for over 40 years and has created a best-selling transformational book, Powerful Beyond Measure – 3 Steps to Claim Your Power Within for a Happy and Healthy Life.  She is also a featured author in the best-selling book, Shine Your Light: Powerful Practices for an Extraordinary Life along with other New York Times #1 best-selling authors including Marci Shimoff, Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood and Geoff Affleck.

Mazzaferro is a featured columnist in the E-Magazine Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond founded by Lynnis Woods-Mullins. Cindy’s column, Powerful Beyond Measure: Intuitive and Emotional Fitness Expert allows readers to share their stories, ask for support and identify plausible connections between their physical symptoms, behaviors, and difficulties.

Cindy believes that we significantly impact every part of our being on an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, as well as, what we bring into our lives. What this means is that YOU hold the Power Within to be Powerful Beyond Measure and to create the life you want and were meant to live.

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