Danielle Hava & Mick KubiakAIRED: July 6,  2014– 11 am PST


TITLE: “Parent Coaching with Vive:  Helping parents stay connected through difficult times”

SPECIAL GUEST: Danielle Hava & Mick Kubiak


Vive’s Masters level clinicians work with adolescents, young adults and their families in the homes and communities where our clients live or attend school. Our approach to helping clients involves showing up in real time in a supportive and dynamic way. We use therapeutic mentorship, parent coaching, family therapy and counseling to connect with our clients to improve mental health and family relationships.

What makes Vive unique is the way we utilize parent coaching. When a family works with Vive, they get to work with two separate clinicians – a Therapeutic Mentor and a Parent Coach. Vive Parent Coaches are there to help manage anxiety and offer alternative solutions and perspective in the moment when a challenge arises. Our Parent Coaches help to highlight parents’ strengths in order to build upon them to increase their child’s resiliency, confidence and contentment in the home and community.

Parents can text or call their parent coach at any time, any day. Along with regular Parent Coach meetings, home-based family meetings are regularly scheduled with the entire family. These family meetings help deal with any communication and behavior issues that may have arisen. The Parent Coach and Therapeutic Mentor visit the family’s home or arrange to have the family meeting in a local therapy office.

The dual relationships of Parent Coaches and Therapeutic Mentors, both Masters Level Mental Health Clinicians, help make our work and specifically family meetings well-rounded experiences.  They are there to help foster a positive dialogue for both child and parent.


Danielle Hava, LCSW

Danielle is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York and Colorado. She earned her Master of Science Degree in Social Work with a concentration in Advanced Clinical Practice from Columbia University. Danielle comes to Vive with experience working with clients in varying stages of life, struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. Danielle moved back to New York City about a year ago from Boulder, Colorado where she worked therapeutically with young adults transitioning from primary treatment to independent living. Danielle’s passion for working with her clients lies in helping clarify values, empowering them to ascertain their strengths, and supporting them to establish and maintain healthier ways of coping. Additionally, she has experience with program admissions, marketing, outreach, and development. This has allowed her the space to grow as a clinician working with teens and young adults, their families, prior treatment providers, and referring professionals. She is thrilled to live in NYC surrounded by family, friends, and the city she loves and calls home.

Mick Kubiak, MA, LMF

Mick Kubiak is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. She is a Therapeutic Team Leader and Parent Coach at Vive and finds her most vivid training ground in her relationship with her own beloved daughter. She believes that our children offer us tremendous opportunities to expand, awaken, and grow, and she recognizes that this growth can be painful at times! Her blog, Badmommyla.blogspot.com, is dedicated to exploring what Carl Jung would call the shadow side of parenting, and she has found that there are great riches to be found in our failures, losses, and weaknesses, as well as in our successes and strengths. She feels it is a great honor to work with families at Vive. In addition to her calling as a psychotherapist, Mick is a songwriter and an artist. She lives in Venice, CA.

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