Jerry Rand Photo

Jerry Rand Photo

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SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Jerry Rand, Executive Director of Bay Recovery Center

At Bay Recovery, we have a deep understanding of pain and addiction. More importantly, we know how to alleviate suffering, and restore quality in the sufferers life. Through integrative medicine, and Dr. Rands vast experience in treating dual diagnosis, his success, is unequaled. World renowned pain specialists send Dr. Rand their most difficult patients, because of his unparalleled insight regarding issues surrounding chronic pain, and chemical dependency. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Dr. Rand will not allow his patients to suffer. He intimately understands that issues surrounding chronic pain are multi-factoral. Treating one, without the other, is futile. He is acutely aware that individuals with chronic pain possess substantial sleep disorders, often overlooked by Physicians. The importance of restorative sleep is paramount. This is often the cause of co-occuring disorders, or the mimicking of such disorders. Dr. Rand has the innate ability to listen, address, and execute a plan of action which will enable the patient a quality of life which has been so elusive.

Located in the Bay Park area of San Diego County, overlooking beautiful Mission Bay, Bay Recovery Centers, a licensed residential and outpatient treatment provider offers a serene and therapeutic setting.

The mission of Bay Recovery Centers is to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals who’s lives have been impaired by chronic pain, chemical dependency, or a dual diagnosis. It is the philosophy of Bay Recovery Centers that effective treatment must involve a holistic approach that includes attention to the individual’s emotional needs as well as the development of physical health, psychological health, family relations, social supports and cultural factors.

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