Margaret Grundstein

AIRED:  October 19,  2015– 11 am PST


TITLE: “Naked in the Woods – A Story from the Past … Slowly Reappearing in Grassroots America Today!”

SPECIAL GUEST: Margaret Grundstein

In 1970, Margaret Grundstein dropped out with her husband, ten friends and an ever changing mix of strangers to live communally in the back woods of Oregon, leaving her Yale graduate degree behind.

“Naked in the Woods,” is the story of those compelling, iconoclastic, life-changing days — my memoir — illustrated with photographs I took at the time. It chronicles my shift from reluctant hippie to committed utopian, against the story of our loss of innocence.

Brotherhood frayed. We vied for food. These were small skirmishes, ones we could absorb. Land was a bigger problem. Money and our futures were at stake. Ultimately we were not as far out as we thought.


Margaret Grundstein was raised in Detroit, went to school on the east coast and upon graduation followed the great radical migration west. Her career has been eclectic, starting out in City Planning, shifting to photography, ultimately creating a niche that fit her life as a single parent, the owner/director of a preschool in Venice, California. Margaret also has a private practice as a psychotherapist in Los Angeles. Margaret is proud mother and grandmother. Naked in the Woods is her first book.

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