Keiko HoshinoAIRED:  November 9, 2015– 11 am PST


TITLE: “Miraculous Ways to Conquer Cancer: Awaken to the Power of Healing Within You”

SPECIAL GUEST: Rev. Keiko Hoshino

Is cancer is curable? Can It be conquered? Rev. Keiko Hoshino will give you tips on cancer remedies and knowledge that goes beyond the common sense in the field of medicinal science. She also explains the three easy steps that will guide you to prevent or overcome cancer and other serious illnesses.
Miraculous Ways to Conquer Cancer: Awaken to the Power of Healing Within You includes various real life cases of Master Ryuho Okawa analyzing the spiritual cause that will give you hints on how illness can be cured. The book is a huge eye opener for everyone providing insight how to prevent and drive out cancer from your life!
Miraculous Ways to Conquer Cancer offers helpful tips for curing illness based on a spiritual perspective of life. Topics include:
  • The true nature of cancer
  • Fighting illnesses with mental attitudes
  • Internal organs have their own consciousness
  • Three effective approaches to conquer cancer
  • Generating healing power and triggering miracles
Join us for and find out how you, or someone you know, can conquer illness by awakening to the healing power within.


Rev. Keiko Hoshino, was born in Japan. She received her  BA in Liberal Arts and worked at a Japanese bank in London, UK  from 1989 to 1994 in M & A Division,  In 1991, through a friend, Keiko met Yuki Oikawa who was an active member of Happy Science in London. After reading the The Laws of the Sun, she became a very active believer in Happy Science.  Keiko has worked with the organization since July 1994 and became ordained minister in 2000.

Master Ryuho Okawa founded Happy Science in 1986, a spiritual movement dedicated to bringing greater happiness to humankind by overcoming barriers of race, religion, and culture and by working toward the ideal of a world united in peace and harmony.  Supported by followers who lived in accordance with Master Okawa’s worlds of enlightened wisdom, Happy Science has grown rapidly since its beginnings in Japan and now extends throughout the world. Today, it has twelve million members throughout the globe, with faith centers in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, London, Sydney, Sao Paulo, and Hong Kong, among many other major cities. Master Okawa speaks at centers and travels around the world giving public lectures. Happy Science provides a variety of programs and services to support local communities.

These programs include preschools, afterschool educational programs for youths, and services for senior citizens, and the disabled. Members also participate in social and charitable activities, which in the past have included providing relief aid to earthquake victims in China, New Zealand, and Turkey, and to flood victims in Thailand as well as building schools in Sri Lanka.

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