Matt Smith

AIRED:  May 25  2015– 11 am PST


TITLE: “Aegis Training: Crisis Intervention – Safety First for Staff and Patients”


In terms of safety and the economics of liability, Matt Smith, the founder of Aegis Training Solutions, describes to our audience the significance of safely managing out of control and resistant behaviors.

Throughout his professional journey, Matt became aware of a void in the field. Creating a new standard in safety and effective intervention became Matt’s passion and journey.  Once accepting the role of behavior and crisis/behavioral intervention trainer in 2006; Matt realized the potential for empowerment and was deeply impressed by how these trainings impacted day to day operations.

First and foremost, the aim of Aegis Training Solutions is to create an industry standard in safety. The genesis of Aegis is the passionate pursuit of this goal in response to a perceived void in safe/effective intervention practices. The Aegis System transcends program mandate and offers safe practices that support a therapeutic environment. Documented success in hundreds of incident reports has left Matt with the understanding of what “hard skills” are needed to de-escalate an out of control situation.


Matt Smith has spent over a decade in the field of mental and behavioral healthcare. He has been employed in front line care, behavioral intervention, staff development and various supervisory roles.  He has worked in many diverse environments such as Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Residential Treatment, Acute Psychiatric and extensively in Wilderness Therapy. Matt has managed hundreds of incidents where the skills of de-escalation were critical to the safety of all involved. His longest professional tenure was with Second Nature Uintas Wilderness Program in Utah. Prior to Aegis, Matt has been responsible for certifying many care providers in other systems

Matt has been privileged to study under some of the top martial scientists in the country.  He trains daily to “overbuild” his skill set to accommodate the unique demand presented by Aegis clientele.

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