Sean Ahshee Taylor - Lost in LifeAIRED: June 29,  2014– 11 am PST


TITLE: “Lost in Life: Can Juveniles Who Commit Murder Be Rehabilitated?”

SPECIAL GUEST: Sean Ahshee Taylor

The Huffington Post states, “These stories of children who murder, told by the men they have become, make Lost for Life one of the most gripping documentaries of the year (2013) … a compelling documentary about juvenile offenders who are serving life sentences without parole.

Sean Ahshee Taylor, one of the four men featured in Lost in Life, is a prime example of a gang member who was sentenced to life for a drive-by shooting that killed a rival gang member. During his 22 years in prison, he turned his life around so completely, he was eventually given an early release by the outgoing, Colorado Governer  Bill Ritter Jr. because of his extraordinary work mentoring other inmates.

Today, the 44-year-old Taylor is a different person, a man of passion who understands consequences and who is determined to help other young people avoid the same mistakes. Sean works as a mentor and case manager for Denver’s Second Chance Center, helping former prisoners readjust to society. “I’m a lucky man,” Taylor says. “And I am making the most of my second chance by helping others.”

Don’t miss this gripping interview that answers the question, can juveniles who commit murder can be rehabilitated?


Sean Ahshee Taylor was born in Springfield Massachusetts but grew up primarily in Denver Colorado. In the late eighties, at the age of 17, Sean got himself into serious trouble and was sentenced to life in prison.

Upon his incarceration he began a journey of bettering himself. After serving 22 years within the Department of Corrections, the outgoing Governor, Bill Ritter Jr., commuted Sean’s life sentence and he was released from prison.

This former Gang Banger and Lifer is now a Case Manager, Mentor and Certified Fitness Instructor for the Second Chance Center. He is making the most of his second chance while doing his best to show others how to do the same.

Taylor was featured in a documentary called “Lost for Life” that explores whether juveniles who commit murder can be rehabilitated. The film is available on iTunes.

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