Penney PeirceAIRED: February 6, 2017– 11 am PST


TITLE: “LEAP OF PERCEPTION: The Transforming Power of Your Attention”

SPECIAL GUEST: Penney Peirce

What is the perception of the future? And how do we get there now?” And why is it not surprising that almost every major university is conducting research in the areas of intuition and human perception?

In the Leap of Perception, Penney Peirce focuses on these questions, less intent on how people might view the future and more concerned with exploring how people will use perceptual processes in an evolving world.

This final book in Peirce’s transformation trilogy is a timely model for intuition development in accelerated times. She offers a coherent and practical guide to understanding and navigating the stages, symptoms, and processes of transforming perception so that people come to understand “how everything is made of consciousness-and-energy, how everything vibrates at varying frequencies, and how the physical and non-physical worlds are really one unified field.”

To transform your perceptual process is simply to make it more conscious, she argues—and this is as easy as focusing attention differently, a process the author clearly lays out. Peirce distills a complex subject into approachable reading,

Leap of Perception helps us understand, and learn to practice, new “attention skills” that will soon seem normal, and it provides numerous “Try This!” exercises that allow the reader to absorb the book’s content through both left- and right-brain knowing.

Included are such things as: direct knowing, undivided attention, flow attention, unified field attention, collective-self attention, and working skillfully with the imaginal realm to materialize new realities in the blink of an eye.


Penney Peirce is a respected and gifted intuitive empath with deep psychological understanding, visionary ability, and business sense. She is one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement.

A popular author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer, Penney specializes in intuition and sensitivity development and future trends. She travels widely, working throughout the US, Japan, South Africa, and Europe as an advisor to business executives, scientists, psychologists, other consultants and trainers.

Penney has been on the faculty of The Kaiser Institute, working with their Intuition Fellowship program to train hospital CEO’s, health care consultants, and philanthropists in the development of visionary skills. She has also worked with The Arlington Institute, a group of futurists. She has teamed with shamans, led spiritual tours to Mt. Fuji, Peru, Egypt, and the American Southwest, and been a TV talkshow host. She has spoken and taught at colleges and conferences internationally; and appeared on radio and television interview shows internationally.

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