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LIVE: May 7, 2012– 11 am PST

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TITLE: “Jaywalker Lodge: Fathers in Recovery”

SPECIAL GUEST: Bobby Ferguson, Founder and CEO of Jaywalker Lodge

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Our guest today, Bobby Ferguson shares with Allen and Dr. Melody how for  many chronic relapsing addicts and alcoholics, the biggest challenge is not stopping – it’s staying stopped once they leave the safe and structured confines of residential treatment. For this particular type of patient – known in the treatment field as “jaywalkers” – the solution is to combine the accountability and clinically rigorous demands of traditional treatment, with the freedom and personal choices of an open community setting.

Bob Ferguson is the founder and CEO of Jaywalker Lodge, a non-traditional but highly effective treatment program in Carbondale, CO which believes that the key to lasting sobriety after rehab is to foster an environment of challenge and choice in early recovery, in contrast to the industry’s traditional emphasis on containing their clients and focusing more the consequences of their disease.



Bobby Ferguson, Founder and CEO of Jaywalker Lodge in Carbondale, CO. Jaywalker Lodge provides extended care residential addiction treatment for men with a history of relapse and or failed previous attempts at rehab. Established in 2005, Jaywalker is widely regarded as the innovator of what is now known as the Open Community Model of Care. This approach is effective with chronic relapsing clients because it integrates the structure of traditional rehab with the challenges of staying sober in a real world setting.

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