Teardrop TreeI hope you will take a moment to let me tell you about a very special project that has been 35 years in the making, one that my partner, Logan Clarke, and I believe will bring healing to families and individuals in times of sorrow.

Inspired by Logan’s personal and professional life helping loved ones and clients dealing with loss, and the resulting grief that can become all consuming, The Teardrop Tree is one of the most worthwhile efforts I have had the great pleasure to participate in.
The Teardrop Tree is a sentient tree of transformation that absorbs the sorrows of all those who visit it and converts sadness into the energy that sustains it. It’s purpose in the universe is to help carry the burden of sorrow for Mankind.

Teardrop Tree
In Logan’s accompanying novel – Tearabar and the Legend of the Teardrop Tree, the tree is located in the country of Tearabar (teer-a-bar), a magical island that is said to be the birthplace of creativity brought to life. Within the land of Tearabar is found a rare philosophy and poetry never before read or published, as well as the works of many great philosophers and poets throughout time. This, and so much more, is discovered and shared with the reader by Darnell and her grandfather, Professor Quigley, as they embark on a most incredible journey.

We are so very proud of the progress this project has made during the last couple of years, thanks to the outstanding writers and artists that have contributed to the effort. We believe that it’s about time to share the project with the world, and are reaching out to those that we feel share our mission of helping others.  And at the heart of it all is a wonderful family story and a great adventure in store for everyone.

We need your support. I would be very grateful if you would read the main page, watch our videos, and if you felt moved to, please bless us with your kind pledge.  No amount is too small and every bit helps.  And finally, whether you can pledge or not, please forward this message to as many friends and family members as you can.

I hope you enjoy the land of Tearabar & the Legend of the Teardrop Tree. And remember:

“Hold dearly to your dreams…

                                                               for within their reality
                                                                         lies Man’s
                                                                                 greatest hope”
Many thanks,
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