Mischa Martineau - I AM WHO I SAY I AM – My Discovery Journal

AIRED: May 22, 2017– 11 am PST

SPECIAL GUEST: Mischa Martineau


A message to parents: Are you ready to positively influence the trajectory of the life of your teen? The ultimate question is: What is your child thinking?

Mischa Martineau is the developer of the I AM WHO I SAY I AM – My Discovery Journal. It is an interactive journal with imaginative concepts around controlling self-talk to build resiliency, increase self-esteem and self-efficacy – the personal beliefs that determine the goals we dare to set and achieve.

Martineau says, “All my life people told me – you have to believe in yourself; just think positive – I always thought, it sounds great, how do I do that?

Whether your child faces challenges related to: bullying, cultural changes, mental and physical health and wellness, I AM WHO I SAY I AM aligns with programs of awareness to deepen their effectiveness and increase the participants’ abilities to self-motivate and self-sustain personal growth and change.

The I AM WHO I SAY I AM cognitive behavioral program, focuses on Martineau’s assertion: “There is a powerful difference between telling a person what to think and teaching them to think for themselves.”

You will not want to miss this interview if your family is struggling to find answers to questions like:

  • She knows better, why does she keeps doing it?
  • I start to do better and then I go back to my old self again.
  • What’s wrong with me? He isn’t motivated; how can I get him to see his potential?


Mischa Martineau is the author of the I AM WHO I SAY I AM – My Discovery Journal. She was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. Mischa experienced many life-altering moments throughout her tumultuous teen years – those life experiences drove the delivery of I AM WHO I SAY I AM. It is far more than a My Discovery Journal – watch the products, and the movement evolve!

In 2003, Mischa founded Martineau Systems, a marketing and training company that has generated unprecedented revenue streams and forged a global market for cultural change. She has empowered clients to articulate their unique value propositions through marketing messaging, and integrated marketing ecosystems.

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