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TITLE: “I’d Listen to My Parents if They’d Just Shut Up: What to Say and Not Say When Parenting Teens

SPECIAL GUESTS: Anthony Wolf, Ph.D.

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Do you ever have the feeling that no matter what you say to your teenager, it’s the wrong thing? Realistic, positive, and at times downright funny, Anthony Wolf’s “I’d Listen to My Parents if They’d Just Shut Up” is guaranteed to bring relief to panicked and frustrated parents of teenagers everywhere.

Allen, Dr. Melody and their guest, Dr. Anthony Wolf, discuss his new book, “I’d Listen to My Parents If They Would Just Shut Up!”, and his most popular topic: teenagers and how to deal with them. Wolf applies his philosophy to a wide variety of everyday parenting scenarios, clearly demonstrating to readers why certain interactions go well and others take severe detours. He highlights the patterns teenagers follow in response to specific verbal exchanges with their parents and then offers multiple scripts on how to achieve the most satisfying outcomes for a peaceful household. Wolf draws upon several hot button topics that have dramatically altered parenting styles in the 21st century, paying critical attention to the role of the Internet and electronic devices of all kinds in kids’ lives.

Delve into the pages of “I’d Listen to My Parents If They Would Just Shut Up!” and consider Wolf’s philosophy on the following subjects:

  • Why ALL teens develop a temporary allergy to their parents
  • Why parents most often interact with their teen’s “Baby Self” while individuals outside the home engage primarily with the teen’s “Mature Self”
  • The importance of saying “No” and following rules of disengagement with teens, why ending the conversation and “shutting up” is a win-win situation for both parent and child
  • Teen Phrases, why teens continually use certain expressions, such as “I Hate You” and “It’s Not Fair” and how to decode the true meaning of these messages
  • Issues of teen growth and development including puberty, sex, bullycide, and peer pressure with alcohol and drugs.
  • Youth culture, why it is crucial to be well educated about the impact video games and other electronic devices have had on learning styles (positive and negative), and the role of social networking in stemming the loneliness inherent during the teen years.

About the Author
Anthony E. Wolf, Ph.D., is a practicing clinical psychologist for children and adolescents. A former columnist for Child Magazine, he now is a columnist for the Globe and Mail. In private practice, he also speaks to parenting and professional groups all over the country. He is the author of numerous parenting books, including: Get Out of My Life, but First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall?; It’s Not Fair! Jeremy Spenser’s Parents Let Him Stay Up All Night!; Why Did You Have To Get A Divorce?; Mom, Jason’s Breathing On Me; and The Secret of Parenting.


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