Aired: November 3, 2008 – 11:00 AM PST


Special Guest: Florian Schlosser, Human Behavior Expert and author of ‘Given’ ‘Being’ and ‘Space

Florian Schlosser, human behavior expert, has been helping people find peace and well being for years. Traveling the world to teach us how to find peace in our daily lives. We all live busy, sometimes stressful lives. Listen in to Allen and Florian discuss how to reduce stress and find a different way to live your life.


Florian Schlosser, founder of is dedicated to provide inspiring information, photos and videos from around the world. News you do not often find in mass media or if on a small scale. As a former journalist and still active Blogger, Photographer and Videographer Florian feels the necessity to inform about things with help us to elevate our consciousness and be one with mother earth to allow a sustainable future for our planet. If you know of anything inspiring happening in your community or surroundings you are welcome to send him a comment or a link via his contact page at

Message from: Florian Schlosser  live interview on the channel 2012 and beyond” on Friday, November 13th, 2009. He will not only speak about his feelings on 2012 but also on his visions for a conscious life. In his third book “Space” he explained some of his ideas:

“Many people speak of this moment as all that exists, which is self-evidently true. Yet what is the composition of this and every moment? And how is this moment – now – showing up in consciousness to be experienced? The now exists as what we could call the Trinity of Life, consisting of: Who we are; What we have; and What we do. Who we are is the awareness in which everything appears and disappears moment by moment. What we have is the experience of now, as a multi- sensual sensation in the body and nervous system.

What we – consciously or unconsciously – do is play with different qualities of attention. The quality of the attention we give and receive determines how we experience this moment. In most of us the attention is either completely turned outside observing external objects, or it is turned inside on what we think, feel and experience inwardly. In either direction our attention is habitually used and controlled in a narrow focus, mainly as a means to get what we want, and get rid of what we don’t want.

Our focus becomes highly selective and exclusive, constantly re-creating a sense of being an observer who is separated from what is observed. Unavoidably, yet innocently, we are caught up in a dualistic experience-perception loop. In this narrowness of focus the body and nervous system – the actual interface between unmanifest consciousness and the manifestation of life – are excluded. Without our being aware of it, in excluding and separating the body from consciousness, our natural capacity to include and experience the totality of now is rather limited.

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