Ryan Duffy and Bryan DikAIRED:  December 3, 2012– 11 am PST



TITLE: “How Cultivating a Sense of Calling Can Help Teens Build a Meaningful Future Career”

SPECIAL GUEST:  Bryan Dik & Ryan Duffy

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Whether the path is college first, or moving directly into the work force, teens are rarely prepared to attain a fulfilling career and work experience.  Allen and Melody are joined by authors, Ryan Duffy and Bryan Dik to explore what it means for teens to approach their future career as a calling—not in a Pollyanna pie-in-the-sky sense, but as a realistic, achievable goal accessible almost to anyone.

Bryan Dik and Ryan Duffy are professors and international experts in career development, and authors of the book Make Your Job a Calling: How the Psychology of Vocation Can Change Your Life at Work.  Bryan and Ryan have collaborated for the last 7 years on scientific research aimed at understanding what it means to approach work as a calling, and have learned that doing so can have a transformative effect on how people experience their jobs.  There are important lessons from their work for how teens can navigate their career development process, and how parents, educators and counselors can help.

Over the course of four sections, the authors define the idea of calling, review cutting-edge research on the subject, provide practical guidelines for discerning a calling at all stages of work and life, and explore what calling will look like as workplace norms continue to evolve. They also take pains to present a realistic view of the subject by unpacking the perils and challenges of pursuing one’s higher purpose, especially in an uncertain economy.

The lessons presented will resound with anyone in any line of work and will show how the power of calling can beneficially shape individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

Bryan Dik, PhD, is associate professor of psychology at Colorado State University and cofounder and chief science officer of Career Analytics Network/jobZology. His research targets calling, meaningful work, religion and workplace spirituality, vocational interests, and career development interventions. He serves on the editorial boards of six research journals, including Journal of Counseling Psychology, Journal of Vocational Behavior, and Journal of Career Assessment. He is recipient of the 2010 Early Career Professional Award from the Society for Vocational Psychology, and is coeditor of two other books: Psychology of Religion and Workplace Spirituality and Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace.
Ryan Duffy, PhD, is assistant professor of psychology at the University of Florida. Ryan’s research is primarily in the areas of vocational psychology and positive psychology. Topics he has studied include calling, job satisfaction, well-being, work volition, work values, and the interface of spirituality and work. He serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Career Assessment and Journal of Counseling Psychology.

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