Dr. Fran Hamilton | Goodness to Go

AIRED: October 30, 2017– 11 am PST

SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Fran Hamilton
CO-HOST: Al Killeen


Expect to be changed by reading this book. Watch for the buds of authentic action emerging in your own life that will be inspired by these words. Goodness To Go takes us through the process of clarifying our purpose, helping us overcome internal and external barriers, and launches us into compassionate action. Grounded in experiential knowledge and guided by wise intuition, this writing is a joy to take in. Share it widely! Beth Osnes, Ph.D. – Co-founder of Mothers Acting Up.

Goodness To Go is the name of a social enterprise and the title of a handbook for humanitarians written by Fran I. Hamilton, M.D.  Proceeds from the sale of the handbook benefit the missions of the Goodness To Go social enterprise.

The handbook’s intent is to mobilize the spirit of giving by offering a process to clarify and mobilize your goodness to go in ways that are sustainable and enjoyable.

This kind of integral service is a cycle of giving and receiving between equals that is aligned with core values and uplifts the human spirit. At this historic time that calls forth the spirit of service in us all, Goodness To Go is your personal guide to positive transformation as you manifest your gifts of service to benefit our world.


Dr. Fran Hamilton was born into a medical family in Canada and has served internationally since 1979 in the fields of education and medicine.

In 2000, her daughter, Grace Shanti, was adopted in Calcutta, India. Fran’s family returned to Calcutta in 2010 to visit Grace’s birthplace and to form a local philanthropic partnership with Child In Need Institute.

The missions of the Goodness To Go social enterprise include mobilizing integral service, developing an integrated K-12 service learning curriculum, and preventing young girls from being sold into Calcutta brothels.

Dr. Hamilton practices integrative family medicine in Boulder, Colorado on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


Al Killen is CEO of four organizations and is ranked among the top 3% in the world of Business/Life Coaches for last 18 years. Al’s Integrative Mastery Programs focuses on individual and organizational programs based on integrated Leadership, management, and coaching mastery grounded in personal core values. Approximately half of the CEOs, C-Level, senior executives and top production staff of from major corporation around the U.S. attend Al’s programs.

In the last five years, Al has conducted workshops and given keynote speeches to approximately 1,800 CEOs in North America for Vistage International, the world’s oldest and most respected CEO group in the world.

His highly acclaimed book, Soul Proprietorship: 8 Critical Steps to Overcoming Problems in Business and Life, was released in 2009. His second book, Soul Experience: The 4th Level of Identity, is scheduled to hit the stands this fall.

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