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AIRED:  October 15, 2012– 11 am PST


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TITLE: “GENIUS: Ignite Your Brains Potential”


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Allen, Dr. Melody are joined by Mike Byster, creator of the award-winning math and memory system BRAINETICS, to discuss his first book to teach Mike Byster’s revolutionary method to achieve a faster, sharper, more inventive mind—regardless of IQ!

Mike Byster is more than a math genius. A self-taught whiz with a knack for identifying patterns in words and numbers, Byster has helped thousands of people around the world tap the inherent powers of their brain to instantly become smarter, more creative, and exceedingly more productive with his engaging, fun, and distinctly accessible method.

Now in his highly anticipated first book GENIUS: Ignite Your Brain’s Full Potential Using the Brainetics Approach, Byster brings his complete one-of-a-kind program to all ages and audiences. Whether you’re a student struggling in school, a teacher or parent trying to get the best results from your class or kids, an entrepreneur or CEO looking for a competitive edge, or a senior citizen wanting to strengthen your memory, Byster’s system offers readers the secrets to becoming more effective, confident, and successful at work, home, school, and even in sports and at play.


Mike Byster is the creator of the entertaining and engaging multi-disk DVD program to build increased mental capacity called Brainetics, winner of the 2008 Parent’s Choice Award & 2012 Mom’s Best Award. Byster fields more than 10,000 calls each year from schools requesting him to visit, and now offers programs geared specifically for adults. He has been featured on 20/20, Reader’s Digest, Bloomberg News, NPR, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, and countless local and regional media channels across the country, among others.

A native of Chicago, Byster still lives in the Chicago area with his wife, Robin, and their teenage son. He is a member of the National Council of Mathematics Teachers.

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