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AIRED: October 23, 2017– 11 am PST

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Narcissism is the psychological disorder of our times. When we think of narcissism, we think of flagrant self-regard that distorts relationships and that, given the grandiose view of oneself and one’s abilities, consumes all the oxygen in a room—any room. But there is a more subtle and insidious version of narcissism that is far more rampant.

Narcissism, in all forms, is a belief that the world revolves around us, and that what happens in the world happens because of us. Most of us live with a form of narcissism so deeply embedded that we don’t even know we have it. This “Everyday Narcissism” (EN) comes from a combination of childhood wounds and powerful myths we were taught as children.

Nancy’s book, Everyday Narcissism: Yours, Mine, and Ours, is not about people with the clinical diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder. It’s for people like you and me—people who don’t have a major personality issue but whose lives aren’t as fulfilling or as joyful as we want them to be.

It’s like the difference between someone in the hospital struggling with clinical depression vs. someone who gets depressed occasionally because they’ve had a hard week or are dealing with a major difficulty in their life. Narcissistic personality disorder is a diagnosis; everyday narcissism is a common way of life.

Everyday Narcissism helps readers understand how EN manifests in their own lives, and teaches them how to heal it. This awareness provides a foundation for creating greater happiness, more fulfilling relationships, less reactivity, and more meaning.


Nancy Van Dyken is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Minneapolis, MN. She specializes in counseling individuals, couples, parents, and teens with depression and anxiety, and has helped people heal relationships of all kinds for over thirty years. Nancy is also a trainer and speaker at workshops, seminars, and conferences, where she shares her wisdom and passions for healing relationships.


Michael Fink is a Co-Founder and Outreach Director for He has extensive experience in marketing strategies for clinics, hospitals and treatment centers and is passionate about stigma reduction. & Affordable Therapy Project: is a non-profit community of treatment providers who are building a national mental health resource directory. The Affordable Therapy Project is a collaborative group of organizations that coordinates mental health professionals to provide pro bono sessions to survivors of national crises, victims of natural disasters, and high-risk communities.

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