Louisa Rabe & Ann Montgomery

AIRED: November 13, 2017– 11 am PST

SPECIAL GUESTS: Louisa Rabe & Ann Montgomery


In a highly credible survey, 26% of students hired an independent educational consultant (IEC) to assist in their college search. The survey also provided evidence that independent educational consultants are being employed by mainstream families and working with students at various other levels to submit approximately 160,000 college applicants each year.

According to IECA CEO, Mark Sklarow, “Once a student’s potential college list is created, a great consultant, a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association-to be sure- empowers students to conduct their own research, visit campuses, and ultimately make their own decision. The consultant does create that initial list, but then acts as a coach and advisor, not the decision-maker.”

The IECA Foundation is a force that leverages the knowledge, professional skills, and funds of IECA members, sponsors, and donors to help underserved students map pathways to success. The Foundation identifies and invests in projects to produce pragmatic, measurable results for students, their parents, and their communities bringing forth students’ potential and nurturing their aspirations into achievement.

Join us as Luisa Rabe and Ann Montgomery discuss this year’s IECA Conference in Washington, DC (November 14-17) which will offer consultants the chance to connect with colleagues and hone their professional skills through workshops, breakout sessions, lectures and roundtables.

Wednesday, November 15th, “The Capitol Steps”, a lively political comedy troupe, will headline our annual fundraiser. It is not too late to make a contribution, be a sponsor or buy tickets. To learn more or make a donation, go to: www.IECAfoundation.org.


Luisa Rabe is an independent educational consultant in Philadelphia, PA. She counsels graduate program candidates as well as high school students seeking college admission. Luisa served IECA in many Board and Committee roles and in January will assume leadership of its Foundation.

Ann Montgomery is an independent educational consultant from Houston, Texas who has been active in IECA since 2001. She specializes in college admission advising. After serving IECA in various leadership positions over the years, Ann became a Trustee for the IECA Foundation several years ago. She chairs the Grants Committee and takes particular delight in discovering worthy organizations to support.

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