By Saleem Rana

Interview by Allen Cardoza and Dr. Melody Foxx
September 24, 2012

Dr. John McGrail spoke to Allen Cardoza and Dr. Melody Foxx on L.A. Talk Radio about his latest book, “The Synthesis Effect.”  The guest on the weekly Answers for the Family radio show has spent more than 30 years teaching and coaching nearly 2000 people.  Dr. McGrail described “the synthesis effect” as the fusion of hypnosis, meditation, and cognitive psychology working together to create positive change.

About Dr. John McGrail

John McGrail, PhD, is a clinical hypnotherapist. His therapeutic approach blends a passion for psychology and spirituality. His writing on self-improvement has been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Self and authority websites like WebMD and

An Integrated Approach to Wellness

During the interview, Dr. McGrail shared a plethora of ideas on how people can rapidly improve their lives.  He offered advice about integrating physical, mental, and emotional energy.  We experience imbalances when we are not eating well, sleeping properly, or adequately processing stress; when we are over identified with our ego, which is like a three year old child; or when we are not nurturing our spiritual energy, which is the essence of our consciousness.

Although it often feels like life is happening to us, we are, in fact, creating it.  Often this creation takes us by surprise because it is a manifestation of the subconscious mind.  In fact, 90 percent of mental activity arises from the subconscious mind, with only 10 percent arising from our conscious awareness.  Positive change begins to happen when we correct misperceptions through tools like hypnosis and meditation and begin to choose thoughts that serve us rather than thoughts that “make us feel broken.”

Additionally, Dr. McGrail talked about how to live virtually free of suffering by working to be at cause rather than at effect.  We can, if we choose, become less robotic and reactive by focusing on being more mindful, practicing present moment awareness, and spending less time regretting the past or worrying about the future.

Special Guest

Another guest on the show was international detective Logan Clarke, who reported on how the Middle Eastern crisis was causing disruption of all humanitarian efforts, which was something never covered in the traditional news media.

To hear this interview in its entirety, go to:

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