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TITLE: “Divorce Demystified – Everything You Need to Know Before You File for Divorce”

SPECIAL GUEST: Henry S. Gornbein


Next to losing someone you love, divorce is one of the most traumatic of life’s experiences. At the same time, it’s the path out of a bad marriage, and ideally for all parties, to a happier, more fulfilling life.

But it’s not without lots of complications. A leading expert in family law, attorney Henry Gornbein deconstructs the divorce process and serves it up in small, manageable steps. Besides exploring legal, economic, and psychological issues, Gornbein’s new book, Divorce Demystified – Everything You Need to Know Before You File for Divorce, focuses on the random, routine, and often overlooked details including the role of social media that can propel divorce proceedings into a roller-coaster ride gone off the tracks.

This is a not-to-be-missed interview, as Gornbein explains how Divorce Demystified can help anyone contemplating divorce understand what to expect, as well as help others who are in the process of ending their marriages avoid some of the drama and trauma that surround divorce. Armed with knowledge, putting the children first, keeping a level head, and being smart about how they conduct themselves throughout the divorce process will help make a bad situation better.


Practicing in Michigan for more than 40 years, Gornbein has written frequently on divorce topics. A contributor and blogger for The Huffington Post Divorce section, Gornbein also produces regular podcasts for divorcesourceradio.com.

In addition, he has hosted and produced his own Philo Award-winning cable TV show, Practical Law, with more than 700 programs aired to date.

Most recently, Gornbein has been a featured speaker about the impact of social media on divorce, along with issues including wiretapping, computer hacking, phone tapping, spycams, and others that can arise during divorce and have criminal law violation implications.

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