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TITLE: “Meet Jamie Now: A Life Free of Autism”

SPECIAL GUEST:  Krista Vance

Krista Vance, author of  Meet Jamie Now: A Life Free of Autism, tells her own riveting story of leaving behind a charmed life in Hollywood and yearning to create a family.  After many unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, she undergoes in vitro fertilization and delivers twins, Jack and Jamie, prematurely.  By Jamie’s first birthday, he has been hospitalized with breathing problems and nearly died.  By his nineteenth month, he no longer speaks and the light is gone from his eyes.  The beautiful child everyone knew is lost in the world of autism.

Krista refuses to accept the prognosis that Jamie will be uncommunicative and isolated for the rest of his life. Krista struggles to connect with him and to relieve his health problems.  Her single-minded focus on her son puts a strain on her own health and on her marriage.  At every setback, she rallies and presses on in her battle.  Each lull in progress propels her across traditional boundaries to uncover different promising alternative treatments.

Krista is a natural storyteller who draws the reader into her life and the lives of her family.  She shares her despair and vulnerability, fear and doubts, as well as affection and compassion.

This story cannot help but inspire laughter, tears, and most of all, hope.  With her strength, love of family, and never-failing optimism, Krista Vance proves that almost anything is possible.  The access she provides to doctors, therapists, and new technologies and approaches to nutrition offers opportunities and solutions that will help guide people of all kinds through their own demanding journeys through life-altering conditions.

Come experience all the bends and jolts of this unconventional account of conquering adversity as you meet Jamie Now!


Krista Vance was born in Southern California, and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her family. She keeps busy with two sets of twins. In her spare time, Krista, writes about alternative approaches to health. Her articles have been published in Well Being Journal, Organic Family Magazine, and Alternative Medicine.

Krista is a member of Autism Today and FEAT (Families for Effective Autism Treatment). She also supports the Autism Research Institute.

Krista continues to devote her energy to researching the impact of nutrition and the environmental factors on health and wellness.

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