Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

AIRED:  September 8, 2010– 3:00 pm PST

TITLE: “Cultural Inconvenience – The Family Unplugged”

SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, Author of “Managing The Gift: Alternative Approaches for Attention Deficit Disorder”, Founder of “Shaking the Movers & Shakers” Author of a number books, creator of CDs and DVDs and a Prolific Article Writer


Kevin Ross Emery discusses  with Allen the emergence of what psychologist and  scientists  are terming the “unplugged from reality, too wired virtual / technology culture” that is changing the way we as a culture think and behave—and the fact that we may be paying an enormous price in the relationships that matter most to us.

When asked why the term orator instead of lecturer or motivational speaker, this was Dr. Kevin’s response: “Because oratory, in it’s original form referred to ‘speaking, discourse, language, and prayer,’ and when I reach out to any group that I am speaking with there is obviously speaking, but I also feel that a well crafted message involves discourse and recognizes the importance of language as well. And when I reach out to any group or individual there is a prayer that I may touch them in a way that is for their highest and best good.”’

Dr. Kevin has taught both in the private and public sector. His first love will always be teaching people to discover their own passion and take it out into the world. He does train people on how to work within his own specialties including: Combing The Mirror coaching/counseling, Managing The Gift ADD/ADHD coaching, Wei Chi System of Natural Healing, as well as a number of other tools and skills, both traditional and non-traditional. He also offers internships and works with people to become teachers in his trademarked systems.

He has spoken on such topics as:

  • Get It You Got- (A recognition and ownership of your own value)
  • Get It You Got- (A recognition and ownership of your own value)
  • Passion, Purpose and Power
  • Business Sequencing and Roadblocks
  • Taking Back Your life!
  • Keys to Prosperity
  • Casting The Net: The art of Networking
  • Communications: The Art of Listening
  • Empowerment: The power to be uniquely who you are…without apology
  • A Little Larger Than Life: Don’t let other people keep you small
  • Managing The Gift of ADD/ADHD
  • Confessions of a Cowardly Lion
  • Beating Your Genetic Predispositions
  • The Power and Integrity of the Sacred I

Synergy Business Consulting – “For a Whole that is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.”

Synergy’s unique approach begins at the top by:

  • Working with the owner(s) on clarifying or establishing personal goals, creating a vision statement for their life, and a mission statement for their business.
  • Examining how the business can better serve the goals, vision, and the mission statement of the business owner(s).
  • Creating a new vision statement and a mission statement for the business itself based on the above conclusions and information.
  • Creating the beginning of synergy by: working with all the key personnel, as determined by the owners, through a modified process helping them to better align their personal goals to the goals of the business.
  • Helping those people to understand and communicate the new mission statement and new vision for the company to those around them.
  • Teaching them new skills to develop the ability to work with those underneath them in a way that is empowering and helping their subordinates to merge their personal goals with the goals of the business.

More synergy is created in the case of middle management by:

  • Creating the ability to understand, communicate, and apply the new vision and mission statement for the company.
  • To learn to communicate in more than one communication style.
  • To better assess, motivate, and organize themselves and their subordinates.
  • To see more of the whole person.
  • How to better utilize the skills and uniqueness of each person who works for them.

Synergy is building and amplified for the 1st line employee’s by:

  • Helping to recognize the new vision statement and mission statement of the business. See how the business can best serve.
  • Help them develop more of a sense of ownership and belonging to the business, its goals, vision, mission, and ultimately its clients.
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